A Photo A Day | Jan 6 – 13

On the one hand I am ashamed to admit the last “a Photo a Day” post I made was back in August.  On the other hand, I am proud to finally have enough of a handle on things to be bringing it back!  Here is my list of excuses for dropping the ball:  I got slammed with weddings through the fall, our car died, we bought a new car, we moved, I started a part time job, we found out we were pregnant, the holidays hit… In all seriousness, it has been a whirlwind of new things and busy things that required me to slack on the extras and only manage the essentials of my blog.  I’m sorry.

If you have any subject requests or ideas I would love to hear them!

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1Monday 2Tuesday 4Th5F 6Sa7Su

MONDAY The day school was cancelled and stores closed due to cold weather.

TUESDAY It was still FREEZING!!!

WEDNESDAY I sent out my last 2013 wedding!

THURSDAY I spent the day with Laura Drew working in her office.  Jackson likes to be right in the action.

FRIDAY Window Shadows

SATURDAY  On Monday, Josh and I finally got around to making our gingerbread house he bought me.  I had a master plan that looked nothing like the finished product.  I was going to make a sand castle house but then I got lazy part way through.  Maybe next year 🙂

SUNDAY  This year’s Christmas card featured our pregnancy announcement!  To see all our favorite photos from our Christmas card/anniversary photo session CLICK HERE.  Or start reading my “Bemusings of a Baby Life” HERE.

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