Our Countdown to Christmas

Last year I bought our family an advent calendar.  I opted for one with pockets so I could fill them with slips of paper indicating our family activity for the day.  This year the calendar was easily filled as built in events like Maisy’s preschool concert are give-ins.  Some of my favorite things on the calendar are Christmas cookie decorating with friends, Christmas lights drive with cocoa and popcorn, picture in front of the Christmas tree (this year we have our first real tree and I’m so in love), and see The Nutcracker at the Woodstock Opera House.  What I love about my tempered approach this year, is that every day gets to be a little extra special and it encourages me to spend a little extra quality time with my girls.  Yesterday we made our gingerbread house together and I loved watching my girls create as I helped with the frosting.  We munched on candy and really enjoyed ourselves!  Can’t wait to snuggle up in our Christmas PJS with movies several times this month too (our Christmas modified Sunday Sabbath where we spoil ourselves with homemade pizza and a movie after church and naps).

How do you like to celebrate the Christmas season?  What are some of your favorite family traditions and/or things you have planned for the family this year?


Our “picture in front of the Christmas tree” isn’t perfect.  I’m mommed up for the day, sporting a pony tail, jeans and no make up.  Myles was on the verge of a fit due to a rumbly tummy.  And the only place our tree fits in our compact living room is wedged in the corner between the couches.  But it’s us and I know I’ll look back on these annual photos with joy.  My favorite parts of this picture:  I think this is my favorite Maisy smile I’ve captured on camera of her 4-year-old self and I LOVE our real Christmas tree!

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