About the Blog


I blog Tuesday – Thursday (3days/wk):

  • a Photo a Day (Tuesday)
  • Wednesday Words
  • Thursday you will most likely see a photo post… but who knows 😉
  • Variety is the spice of life so occasionally Monday and Friday will show up in the mix!

POSTING CATEGORIES:  this blog is privy to…

Storytelling  The most popular category among friends.  I love to write and I love to share the things I learn through life experiences.  This category tackles both.  I strive to be honest, entertaining, and grammatically correct 😉

Features  Throughout life I stumble on various things I love and then I want to give attention to them.  This category is for that and will by privy to things like film and restaurant reviews, product spotlights, and guest posts.

In the Business I own a photography business so this category will showcase my learnings and tips as well as my own business components like vendors I use, my product offerings, etc.

Handmade and Homemade  I love to learn and create.  This category will showcase different projects I try to tackle including stuff like homemaking of all sorts, learning something new, DIY projects, homesteading endeavors or other things my hands happen upon.

Photography  I am the small business owner of and photographer for a Sunshine Moment.  Everything in this category showcases all the photography I work on, whether professional or recreational.

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