A Letter to Maisy: Making Friends

IMG_3112 (1).jpg

Dear Maisy,

When you were a baby I started fiercely praying that you would have a best friend and that your friend would be good for you not just for fun but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Growing up I was not so lucky in friendship.  In fact, I didn’t have someone I could call my best friend until I met your daddy.  I’d always longed for that relationship for myself so it seems natural I longed for that for you too.

However, I have not found the same heart’s cry present when I pray for Penny.  I’ve come to realize that even in my prayer life my heart is discerning the difference between my two girls and what you both will need and what you may not get without my prayerful intersession.

Turns out, my prayer for you wasn’t simply out of a fear of friendlessness from my background but from a discerning heart that knows you need a little extra help in the friend-making department for some reason.  I know my sweet girl is amazing, you’re so giving, sweet, thoughtful and compassionate so I don’t know why I feel so compelled to pray for friends for you, but I know now that in the past couple weeks I’ve been close to tears at the obvious love your school friends bestow on you daily.  You’ve been coming home with little gifts and pieces of art from these friends of yours:  Hazel, Tenley, Tabitha, Tina, Grant, and Rory.

Yesterday you were home sick with a stomach bug.  Today when I dropped you off Hazel, Tina, and Tabitha stormed the door and swarmed you with hugs.  I could have cried for thankfulness right there.

I’m so thankful to the Lord for loving us and answering my prayer to give you sweet friends.  I won’t forget this prayer Maisy because you’re only four and have a lifetime of friend-making and friend-keeping to go, but I feel so encouraged in your friendship adventures so far.

I’m even taking it a little more seriously now than before too because I was reminded earlier this week that my three best friends were made in kindergarten and first grade.  You’re just shy of that age so who’s to say some of these friends you’ve made in preschool don’t stand the test of time?  I fully intend to encourage these friendships even if they aren’t in the same elementary school as you.

I love you sweet girl,


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