Sick and Tired but Soaking up the Snuggles




First I read this whole Bible to Penny.  Then she climbed up to the top of the couch and read it to me.


Being sick stinks, no doubt about it.  I’ve had the stomach flu for three days and couldn’t keep anything down for half that time.  Add in nursing our 3 month old boy every hour and caring for our four year old and two year old and I had an impossible task on my hands.  On days like these, I can’t help but thank God for movies and snuggling and cereal to feed the kids for lunch.

This time around it still stinks big time, but I’m also finding it so sweet.  Josh rallied the kids this morning and as I lay in bed I got to listen to him talk about the things we want to keep in our hearts and the things we want to throw in the trash.  He brought Maisy to school and I spent the morning snuggling with Penny on the couch watching a movie while Myles took one of his once-in-a-blue-moon real naps (anything longer than 30 minutes counts for him).  During the girl’s nap time I snuggled with Myles in bed and snuck a 30 minute nap for both of us out of him.  And the afternoon was spent watching another movie and snuggling.

I’m addicted to productivity and this often gets in the way of enjoying mellow moments with my kids.  I’m not one to be found sitting on the couch.  If I do sit, it’s in my desk chair to work.  But that’s what’s so wonderful about forced moments of sickness or postpartum recovery.  I simply do what I can to avoid getting up, and the kids love snuggling with me, playing with me while I sit there, reading with me, and, of course, watching movies with me.

I guess I’ve found a way to be thankful even in the midst of the struggle.  And for that, I’m thankful too.

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