Meet the “Musician’s Wife”

My name is Kaia.  Kaia means “Earth” in Norwegian and I live up to that by tree hugging, dog loving, and nature walking.  My first word was “happy,” I still love to jump in puddles, I strive to live simply and self-sustainably, and my favorite color is yellow.  I am still sorting out all of my favorite things in life and how I can do everything I love all at once.  That is why I keep this blog.  This blog is my space to be me and hope that the things I’m learning, feeling, and loving brings light and knowledge into your life.

I am primarily a people photographer, portraits and weddings, but I graduated with an art degree and practice that by capturing the uniqueness I see in ordinary life.  In my business I love serving my clients lovingly, creating a series of memories they can cherish forever, and making them my forever friends.  I shoot honest photography – real people, real colors, and real life; this means the pictures I take are only edited as much as they have to be – color and contrast correction only with the occasional black and white conversion.  (I am available for travel worldwide but do the majority of my photography in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois!)

Oh, and I’m married to a stunningly handsome, ridiculously talented, and intensely loving musician husband.  I am the “musician’s wife” and also devote some of my blogging space to divulging top secret information about his band Citizen Way.  We have a spunky baby girl (see more of her HERE), two furry children (see more of them HERE), and we all live happily ever after in a house on a hill in the land of southern Wisconsin.

To learn a little more about me…

What Made You Want to Go Into Photography?

Puppy Love

The Makings of a Musical Marriagekaia and josh 2013-48 kaia and josh 2013-128

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And a little bit of help from Instagram…


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