Picture Book on the Move!

I have exciting news!  I have written a picture book and sent it out for agent support!

I long debated when to share the news that I am, in fact, a much more serious writer than blogging stories on this here site. Make no mistake, blogging is serious business and takes a lot of time, commitment and energy but now I am getting super serious: I am trying to get a book published!

I want to share my book with you but to share the actual book text with you, or even a summary, would be cheating myself.  That is a surprise left for the moment my book is published.  However, what I can tell you is that The Antler Elf is a whimsical rhyme steeped in myth and education. With a brand-new angle on a Christmas story, a charming main character, and laugh-out-loud scenarios it is the perfect tale to huddle around the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa after putting up the Christmas tree.

My story was inspired out of nowhere about two years ago.  I honestly can’t even remember now how the idea came about, but to give you a taste of how I inspired myself here are a few tid bits…

I educated myself about reindeer, particularly through a National Geographic article that featured this photo. (Unfortunately you can’t read the article without a subscription but you can see the full photo gallery HERE.)


I wrote several of my drafts in a Caribou Coffee.  I figured the north woods, cozy atmosphere and Caribou logo would be inspiring.  I was right.


And I referenced some of my favorite picture books to decide on writing style and character development.  Mr. Murry and Thumbkin, my all-time favorite picture book, became a main source of inspiration.  Read it.


Now that you are totally excited to read my book (because you are right?) cheer me on, pray, and cross your fingers that an agent gets so excited too!

P.S.  If you cheer me on by leaving a comment on this blog post I bet one of the agents I gave my info too will take notice!  Hey, it’s worth a shot right? 🙂

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