The Hungry Hungry Pregnant Lady

Bemusings of a Baby Life

9 weeks pregnant

I’m pregnant. I don’t get sick.  I don’t get unreasonably tired unless it’s past 9pm.  No, but the minute I get hungry and food is not around look out!

I have never felt so desperate to get food in my entire life as I did the night of Turkey Supper at The Connecting Church.

Please note, I started this evening hungry even before I left work at 4:00pm.

First we had a meeting to talk about putting an offer on a house.  We couldn’t find the realtor when we got there so we left and went to the church.  I was stoked thinking I would soon be fed.  A couple of minutes later I heard back from the realtor with an updated location.  We left the church for our new destination.  Our meeting there lasted about 45 minutes.  We walked back over to the church.  We waited for a freight train to let us pass.  We finally arrived at the church.  We talked to some church friends for a long time.  I started dropping hints that I was starving.  Then I started trying to pull Josh away.  Finally I succeeded.  Then we got stopped again for more conversation.  I eventually managed to pull Josh away.  Finally we were in the dining hall and seated.  But there was no food.  I leaned over and asked Josh, “how do I get food?” He angry whispered in my ear, “they bring it around.” Apparently, I was supposed to know that.  Finally the food came. By then it was 6:30pm.  I shoveled turkey into my mouth like I was never going to see food again.  I am a vegetarian.  It tasted incredible.

That night I learned something about my pregnant self, the longer I withhold food, the more I progress through a series of events: my stomach growls incessantly, I become lightheaded and dizzy, I start seeing stars, and then I get desperate.  For any of you that get cranky when your hungry, multiply that by 10 and you have what I feel at that point in my hunger process.

Now, to give Josh some credit, I had only told him about my hunger issues over the phone so far.  Yes, he had been gone for most of my pregnancy up to that point.  So, on this night of severe hunger he wasn’t quite getting it.  Yes, I was growing visibly and verbally impatient.  He wasn’t liking my behavior.  However, he certainly wasn’t getting that I was using every ounce of self restraint not to simply disregard all formalities and hunt the food down for myself.  The next day, after a long discussion,  he got it and we haven’t had another debacle since.  Getting food to pregnant Kaia is priority one in the Calhoun household.

– Written November 19

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