A Letter to Maisy: I Love Your Heart


Dear Maisy,

A couple of days ago you smashed Penny’s finger with a cubby and left her with a nasty gash on her finger.  Malicious intent or not we’re never shy to coach you to think before you act and to not close things on Penny (doors, cubbies and the like).  So as I hold your wailing sister I walk over to you and say “Maisy, look what you did to your sister’s finger.”  You look at the nasty gash and immediately start crying yourself.  That reaction softened my heart to you and I knew in that moment that my lesson would stick, that you’d be thinking twice before closing things on Penny again.

Moments like these can be rough and emotional for everyone involved, but I’m always struck by your teachable and compassionate heart.  You truly have a heart of gold, so caring and naturally gentle.  I pray I’m doing the best job of fostering those qualities in you because they are simply so beautiful.

Your first day of school was yesterday and as I filled out the last of the questionnaire to give to your teacher my heart was left overflowing with pride at you, my beautiful girl.  I love that I can write such wonderful things about you so easily.  I love that you’re a helper, an includer, and so full of compassion.  I love that you love people so much.

With all my heart,


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