a Photo a Day | March 24 – 30

Ok!  I think I’m finally ready to get crackalakin’ at my “a Photo a Day” again!  With the weather getting warmer I’m feeling much more inspired 🙂  And remember, if you have any subject requests or ideas I would love to hear them!

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MONDAY Megan + Josh’s Valentines MINI session

TUESDAY My Grandma Lu passed away about a year ago… at TJMAX I found these and couldn’t help but think of her and buy them promptly.  Her favorite candies were lemon drops and her last name was Hammond.  They happen to also be the most tasty lemon drops I have ever consumed!

WEDNESDAY I love having Sunshine Albums arrive at my doorstep!  This beauty will hang out in the studio for a year before I send it off to the clients for their one year anniversary 🙂

THURSDAY Another album came into the studio this week.  This one was a Soft Cover Album of a series of baby photos I took of little Anna.  Love the way it turned out!  These albums are a beautiful, yet affordable option.

FRIDAY I’m trying to grow at avacado tree!  I now have three seeds going hoping any or all of them give me a sprout 🙂  If I do get some greenery you will be seeing the growth progress in photos!

SATURDAY  Went off house hunting with my parents all day!  Our afternoon treat:  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  Best caramel apples in the world!

SUNDAY  Took a lazy Sunday morning with the family and the pups watching a new Disney favorite of mine, Frozen.

a Photo a Day | March 18 – 24

Aaaaalright!  I am back and gonna be on a roll!  With over a week of blog posts to catch up on buckle down and get ready for a whole slew of photographic blog posts!  First up, the long delayed “a Photo a Day” post.

Friday I will be posting last week’s images 🙂

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Monday:  a Sunshine Moment Studio Wedding Album | Liz + Phil

Tuesday:  “Hurting Hands” is a piece I was commissioned to do for the Passion Art Walk, please check out the full blog post (and a larger image) HERE

Wednesday:  I was given several bouquets of flowers for my Studio Grand Opening party and they are too much fun to photograph 🙂

Thursday:  Sunshine Wedding Album | Kathy + Ryan (full blog post coming soon)

Friday:  Citizen Way at Fort Wayne, IN (full blog post coming soon)

Saturday:  Citizen Way at Liberty Township, OH (full blog post coming soon)

Sunday:  VIP Passion Art Walk Formal Reception (full blog post coming soon)