June Newsletter – Keeping up with Kaia



My head is spinning!  Truthfully, I’m having some trouble coordinating all these amazing things I get to be a part of while working around my husbands also crazy schedule and still ensuring I’m not missing out on any quality time with my family.  It looks a lot like this… 50 hour work week with day care, 10-20 hour work week with photo sessions and editing, stubbornly refusing to miss out on the bedtime ritual ever, and keeping the Sabbath VERY holy and doing as little as possible so I can just BE with my family and recharge for the week ahead.

June is a crazy and blessed month!

  • I’m now freelancing for Madison Magazine and the Madison Children’s Museum
  • Still photographing 2 – 5 pieces for BRAVA Magazine per month
  • Back to freelancing for Houzz.  Photographed the wonderful Sarah‘s house and excited to share that link once the post is up – she’s an interior stylist… check out her website and HIRE HER!
  • We have some more awesome kids joining our day care crew for the summer.
  • Photographed Julia‘s amazing birth and baby boy and I can’t wait to share some of those images with you lovely friends.
  • I’m in the thick of wedding photography season and I’m photographing portraits right and left.  My schedule still has some gaps but is nearly full so if you need photography you’d better snatch me up quickly!
  • My gorgeous Maisy is turning three in a couple of weeks!  Excited to share pictures of this party with you too!
  • My garden is all in and we’re waiting to see seedlings from the latest round of seeds!  Tried a new approach this year and I’m very excited to share pictures and successes (crossing my fingers) from all of it!
  • Chickens also have a new set up.  And I still need to officially get portraits of my lovely ladies up on the blog.  Chickens are the coolest.  Seriously.  I’ll take a chicken over a dog any day.  Crazy thing for this dog-lover to say!

It’s BUSY here, but so awesome!

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