a Photo a Day | March 31 – April 6

This weeks photos showcase my niece Savannah’s birthday party at Pinstripes, my husband’s birthday festivities in Milwaukee   , and some cute dogs lounging with their sick mama 🙂

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Photo 1:  Me, Joshua, and Sarah at Savannah’s birthday party at Pinstripes!

Photo 2:  I took Joshua to Milwaukee for his birthday.  We stayed at the Intercontinental Milwaukee Hotel and I highly recommend it!  It’s within walking distance of the Third Ward, where we spent most of our time wandering about.

Photo 3: Painting + wine and beer = Splash Studio.  What a terrific idea!

Photo 4:  Enjoyed the world’s best french toast at Cafe Benelux for breakfast!  And fresh squeezed orange juice!  Yum!

Photo 5: Free admission to the Milwaukee Art Museum on the first Thursday of every month!

Photo 6:  This mama bear was sick most of the week but on Friday I was down for the count!  Watched movies and slept all day with my dogs happily snuggling with me the whole time.

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