a Photo a Day | March 31 – April 6

This weeks photos showcase my niece Savannah’s birthday party at Pinstripes, my husband’s birthday festivities in Milwaukee   , and some cute dogs lounging with their sick mama 🙂

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Photo 1:  Me, Joshua, and Sarah at Savannah’s birthday party at Pinstripes!

Photo 2:  I took Joshua to Milwaukee for his birthday.  We stayed at the Intercontinental Milwaukee Hotel and I highly recommend it!  It’s within walking distance of the Third Ward, where we spent most of our time wandering about.

Photo 3: Painting + wine and beer = Splash Studio.  What a terrific idea!

Photo 4:  Enjoyed the world’s best french toast at Cafe Benelux for breakfast!  And fresh squeezed orange juice!  Yum!

Photo 5: Free admission to the Milwaukee Art Museum on the first Thursday of every month!

Photo 6:  This mama bear was sick most of the week but on Friday I was down for the count!  Watched movies and slept all day with my dogs happily snuggling with me the whole time.

Breakfast at Benedict’s

On Thursday I posted the question “what is your favorite breakfast food on Facebook.”  apparently I’m not the only one with a love for breakfast food as my Facebook exploded with responses.  One such response was “eggs Benedict” from Cooper.  Cooper is married to Kaitlyn and they are both great friends of mine so as we conversed via the thread we resolved to make a field trip to the quaint restaurant the next day.

Yummy breakfast with two great friends definitely became the highlight of my week!

Kaitlyn ordered a bread pudding of sorts, I ordered a veggie skillet, and Cooper ordered a German version of eggs Benedict (not pictured).  Kaitlyn and I proceeded to photograph the food, awkwardly in a corner.  Feast your eyes 😉


a Photo a Day | Feb 18 – 24

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Monday:  My “wedding ring”

Tuesday:  A Valentine’s card from my Valentine 🙂

Wednesday:  My sweet Haley basking among the pillows in the evening sunshine

Thursday:  Tegan and Daniel Burnap

Friday:  Breakfast at Benedict’s with Kaitlyn and Cooper! (full blog post with restaurant review coming later this week)

Saturday:  Sarah & Brandon’s wedding (preview to come later this week and a full blog post in a week or so!)

Sunday:  Nord Stage product photography