Musings of a Musician’s Wife: I AM WOMAN

This week was the true test of my wifely colors.  It marked the first of many long trips to come.

All week I hauled, I edited 2 sessions and 2 weddings, did two shoots, and started my “project: interior design.”  All of this on top of some freelance gigs, social interaction, business meetings, and tending to the dogs and the house.  I was a determined woman and I think I wanted to prove to myself that I could do everything by myself and do it oh so well.  

I took this so far that I single-handedly hauled a full sized, all wood desk from the garage in the backyard into the front room of our house.  Looking back I can’t help but think that anyone watching had to be hysterical at the sight of me.

To paint you a picture, I slid some mittens on my hands for padding, spread my wings all the way across the length of the desk, awkwardly stradled the massive piece on my thighs, and waddled my way up the driveway.  I think I made it about five big steps each time before I set the desk back down to assess the situation.  Each time I concluded there really was not only no better way but no other way so I would proceed until they next five step stop.

Eventually I made it to the porch and hoisted the desk up the length of the three stairs but I reached the maximum hoist before the “only useful on flat surfaces” desk wheels reached the top step. I circled the piece over and over again until I simply gave into strength and suddenly the desk was on the porch and I was swerving the piece up to the front door. My next hurdle was getting my one man show to get the desk over the threshold.  It was a multiple maneuver endeavor but I did it.  The first half of the desk was in the house.  It was at this point an Asian man, literally off the street, appeared on my porch and asked if I needed help.  I was thinking “sure, now you show up, you would have been way more useful ten minutes ago.” I said “too bad you weren’t here five minutes ago, but if you could just pop that wheel over the threshold I’m home free.”  He did and disappeared again.

The next day, and still today, I have bruises lining my upper thighs but I think I am proud of them 😉

And now, as I write this story, I am sitting at my fully established desk.


One thought on “Musings of a Musician’s Wife: I AM WOMAN

  1. I am Woman – Watch me Roar!!!!!! LOVE your approach to getting things done Kaia! You are my kind of girl.
    Love you !

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