Musings of a Musician’s Wife: tripping up on my trip to MN for Thanksgiving

The night before my trip my goal was to arrive early for Holly’s baby shower.  The morning of my trip my goal was to arrive slightly early.  Fifteen minutes after I should have left to arrive on time my goal was to get there on time.

No mad dash by any means because no matter how hard you try a 6.5 hour drive does not turn into 3 or even 6 in most cases.  So I made my way through the patches of construction and wide open county starting at 6:30am with coffee settled in next to me, furniture, luggage and dogs secure in the back and an entrancing British voice coming through my speakers reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone to me.

Finally I veered of my regular course to head south for Holly’s baby shower.  It looked as though I was still going to be late but only by about ten minutes.

And then my phone died.

Ironically, in a five second gap I had checked the miles to my next turn, set my phone down, and picked it back up again to memorize the last steps (realizing the charge wouldn’t last me the remainder of the trip).  To my demise that brief interval left me stranded.  I plugged the phone in knowing the charger didn’t work.  I proceeded to drive down my road hoping for a gas station or somewhere I could plug my phone in.  I remembered I had about 6 miles left on this road so I was hoping I wouldn’t add even more travel time to my day by having to pass my next street.  I first pulled into a random recycling warehouse to look for an outdoor outlet.  I was hoping to side step some big embarrassment by charging in peace because in order to do so I was going to have to plug my 27″ desktop mac into an outlet to plug my USB from the computer to my phone to get a charge.  Yes, I forgot my outlet phone charger and car charger.

No such luck at the random warehouse so I hopped back on my fateful road.  My next stop was a dinky gas station with no regular parking.  I took a risk and parked in a spot that said “unauthorized users will be towed at the owners expense.” I huffed and puffed all the way into the store and asked the man behind the counter if he, by chance, had a USB charger. No of course so then I asked if he might have a phone I could borrow.  In good ‘ol small town Minnesota fashion he proceeds to lend me his personal phone and I dial my mom… three times because this guy’s phone and my fingers had a battle getting the correct numbers to push.

Side note:  upon the first fail I exit out of the dial screen to find a half naked lady as the backdrop.  And now I’m thinking… great, I have a pervert helping me.

Finally I get the number punched in right and my mom doesn’t answer.  So, I move on to option number three:  embarrassment.  I ask the guy if I can bring my computer, plug it in, and charge my phone via the USB there.  He consents and I haul my gigantic case sideways through the teensy gas station doors.

I get my Mac turned on with out taking it out of the bag to the amazement of my unfazed helper and then I wait.  Mind you, I’m waiting behind the front desk so the influx of customers can easily see the flustered girl and strange scenario unfolding next to the clerk.

Ten minutes and fifteen customers later my phone finally turns on and I, as quickly as I can, jot down the rest of the directions to the shower.  I simply laugh incredulously when I discover I am no more than three blocks from the house.

In the end I am 45 minutes late and haven’t missed a thing.  No games or presents have happened.  Thank you Minnesota for your laid back residents.


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