Musings of a Musician’s Wife: doggie toe nail clipping day turns sour

So I have been listening to the clickety clack of some little doggie toe nails for so long I don’t even notice the noise anymore.  I used to religiously trim Haley’s nails but realized that they didn’t appear to get any longer after a certain point and when I trimmed they would still click around because her blood vessels and growth part of the toe nail reach so far out I could only trim an teensy bit off.  

But today I was wearing a sweater and each time Sam put his little paws on my arm he would draw out another string.  So after a full day of this my sweater was thoroughly ruined and I resolved to trimming their nails.  I started with Haley because she’s my champ and I successfully got through one paw and one toe when the seventh toe I worked on started bleeding like crazy.  Haley’s such a tough kid she didn’t even make a peep she just gently pulled her paw away from me and gave me her puppy eyes.  If you haven’t experienced her puppy eyes, they are killer.

I went into mommy panic mode.  I paced the house like a mad woman as she proceeded to jump onto every upholstered piece of furniture.  Poor thing was so startled by my behavior but I had to keep scolding her off the furniture for fear of her bleeding everywhere.  Naturally she just thought she was in trouble even though it was my fault.  So as I continued to frantically scour the house for a first aid kit she sat in the middle of the living room floor trembling.  Finally I called Josh (he’s been gone for a week) asking where the first aid kit was and he replied that we no longer had one.


I took another good look at her toe with my iPhone dangling in my mouth giving me nice bright light from my flashlight app.  Part of the nail was still attached but it was only hinged so I had to get it off.  After I got it off I noticed the bleeding mostly stemmed and that the cause might have been cutting it too short but it also could have been the split up her toe nail that was created by the pressure of the trimmers.  So I figured super glue was now my best option to seal that shut to prevent it from opening at any time and bleeding all over again.

I found my super glue and tried my hardest to make the mostly dried substance adhere but to no avail.  So grabbed the crappy blanket, the only item Haley got any blood on (thankfully), scooped Sam up (no time for fussing with leashes and a harness and he can’t be trusted), and got the dogs out the door and in the car for a trip to Target.  For some reason I felt safer keeping Haley with me…

I was a girl on a mission so I got a first aid kit (for next time) and some super glue and made the rescue journey home.  Once inside again my obedient little patient let me paint her little toe nail securely with super glue and sat through a good couple of minutes of me holding her paw and blowing on it so I wouldn’t find all the dust and hair in the house neatly attached to her wounded toe.

When all was said and done I gave them a treat and snapped this picture to show the end of the tale.


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