There’s A Turd In The Tub

written by: Kaia Calhoun
date: last night (2/17/15)
Yes, world, there’s a turd in the tub,
A turd in the tub,
Where the kids go rub a dub.
I thought to drop a line online,
I thought to take a photo.
And then I thought to take some time,
And write this poem on the go. Oh!
All these strings of words just came to me,
When I looked down at that smudge.
I rehearsed them over diligently,
As I wiped up the yellow fudge.
So now I give to you,
Not a live or a picture.
But something with a rhyme or two,
Written by me, the mommy victor.
Besides, I thought it prudent,
To save you from the visual.
I hope this brought you some amusement,
And now I’m off to bed, early as per usual.

© 2015 Kaia Calhoun

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day!
May your day be merry and play!
Come on!
Join in on the holiday parade!

Go see the fireworks
Grill up some bratwurst

Go for a picnic
Somewhere that’s scenic

Light up some sparklers
And simply go bonkers

And laugh the whole day away!

– written by Kaia Calhoun 🙂