There’s A Turd In The Tub

written by: Kaia Calhoun
date: last night (2/17/15)
Yes, world, there’s a turd in the tub,
A turd in the tub,
Where the kids go rub a dub.
I thought to drop a line online,
I thought to take a photo.
And then I thought to take some time,
And write this poem on the go. Oh!
All these strings of words just came to me,
When I looked down at that smudge.
I rehearsed them over diligently,
As I wiped up the yellow fudge.
So now I give to you,
Not a live or a picture.
But something with a rhyme or two,
Written by me, the mommy victor.
Besides, I thought it prudent,
To save you from the visual.
I hope this brought you some amusement,
And now I’m off to bed, early as per usual.

© 2015 Kaia Calhoun

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