a Photo a Day | September 9 – 15

Hey friends!  Sorry for the less than regular “a Photo a Day” blog posts.  Josh and I are in the middle of moving and traveling so certain things have been neglected.  We move October first so I’d say “a Photo a Day” will fall back into my weekly Monday blog post shortly thereafter.  Until then, I will provide what I can!  This week, I have 5 days of photos to share 🙂

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WEDNESDAY Mr. Bee broke a leg so he made for a fantastic still subject and later he was gone so we both won 🙂

THURSDAY disc case for my lovely friends Elyse + Kevin

FRIDAY Joshua and my pops endeavored into some manual labor projects together

SATURDAY  a family photo session at Northwestern College in Minnesota (full blog post coming soon)

SUNDAY  an outdoor vow renewal ceremony at Edgewater Park in Woodbury, MN (full blog post coming soon)

Mega Issues on the Mega Bus

I spent the last couple of weeks as a travel bug.  We went to Nashville for a week and then I went to my home town in Minnesota for several days.  To end my travels I had to book a bus to get myself home.  I have used the Mega Bus a handful of times and never encountered issues, not even with fellow passengers even though the clientele can be a little rough sometimes.

I arrived at my pick up spot in downtown Minneapolis just in time expecting to load in immediately, but I quickly spotted a stagnant, gimungo line pile waiting outside the bus.  I thought the line was big but I figured I just hadn’t seen the full bus capacity waiting outside the bus before.

I got in line and a cop car pulled up.  The bus driver started talking to the two cops in the vehicle.  Then a couple people walked over and joined the conversation.  Then a whole pile of people walked over and joined the conversation.  Then another cop car with two more cops pulled in. Then there were frustrated arm gesters and hood slang popping around like popcorn.  I heard bits, put my bits together, and deduced that the problem was an already overbooked bus trying to accommodate a group of people that had been left behing by an overbooked bus several hours previously.

One hour after our original departure time later, a hoard of cop cars rolled in.  We had two other traditional cop cars, a cop holding tank sort of vehicle, and a cop golf cart looking thing and the eight or so cops that came in them on the premises.  Admittedly, this struck a flutter on my nervous chord.

But no rumble or dispute broke out physically.  Instead, about ten minutes later, one cop got on the mega phone and announced that there were 77 people waiting to get on a 47 passenger bus.  He started calling ticket numbers and mine sounded at about the #10 mark.

And that is all I know about that.  What a trip.

A Photo A Day | June 3 – 9

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MONDAY just grass

TUESDAY baby ducks (blog story and photo post coming soon)

WEDNESDAY engagement shoot in small town, historic downtown Buffalo, MN with Michaela and Cole (full photo post coming soon)

THURSDAY newborn shoot of my high school best friend, her first little boy, and her hubs… I am such a proud Auntie! (full photo post coming soon)

FRIDAY more baby ducks 🙂

SATURDAY a church community gathering with food and art – Section 106B Creative of Willow Creek, my church family

SUNDAY 9MO maternity shoot with Becky (full photo post coming soon)

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Miss Independent is Back

I have seen Josh for about five whole days in the last month and a half or so.  For this Redeemed Tour Citizen Way started up in our neck of the woods then headed down south, all the way west, up to Washington and over to Montana and then, finally, one month later I picked him up at a McDonald’s off the freeway in MN.  He had gone a total of around 8094 miles and 128 hours of driving for 19 shows at 19 different venues in 12 different states in 31 days and only slept 2 – 5 hours per night.  Josh and Ben Blascoe split all those miles and all those hours in the driver’s seat of their 15 passenger van.

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 9.48.10 AMThis map shows the first 31 days of the tour, February 1 – March 4.

Needless to say, after all those miles with high energy and sold out shows in so many cities and states Josh was in need of some serious sleep.  Instead, he meets me in Minnesota to sing for my Grandma’s memorial service.  For him this meant sacrificing his big need for rest and pouring any remaining energy into loving on me, working on memorial service details, and entertaining my extended family.  And he did it all with such grace and love.  He is incredible.

If you haven’t guessed, marriage for us is different.

Because of all our time apart and weeks spent fending for myself I have found that I have reconnected with the little Miss Independent from my teenage years.  While Josh is gone I adopt a different lifestyle; I work all morning, around 1 or 2 I take a break or a nap, I get back to work, and come evening I read a book until I’m sleepy.  I mix it up with the occasional hang with a friend, a walk with the dogs, a home project, or some knitting.  It’s seems to be a very healthy pattern.  Instead of powering through 8 – 10 hours of work every day I put in 4 or 5, take a break so I can power back up and get excited and inspired, then I work the remaining 4 to 5 hours.

I also have a whole manner of affairs to tend to on my own.  Because of these little items I have to work on I have been finding that at the end of every day I feel very accomplished.  By sweeping, doing the dishes, buying groceries, juicing, getting the oil changed, shoveling the driveway, clipping the dog’s nails, or paying bills I can feel like I’ve been productive even if I’ve only been working on editing the same wedding for three days straight.

Then Josh comes home and we try to squeeze in as much togetherness as my work load can afford.  It’s a confusing back and forth because on one had I’m left to fend for myself and on the other hand I suddenly have someone around 24/7.  Talk about some whiplash.  We’re still navigating how to go between these two extremes in the ways that are easiest and most beneficial for both of us.  For the rest of this Redeemed Tour the art of this back-and-forth will be put to the test.  According to the schedule Josh is gone 4 – 5 days at a time then he’s home for 2 – 3.  As for today and the rest of this week I am Miss Independent, then come Monday I am a Mrs again for a couple of days 😉