A Letter to Maisy: Talking About School


Grand Canyon, March 28, 2018

Dear Maisy,

You’ve been in 3 year old preschool for six months now.  Every day I ask you what you learned at school.  “I don’t know,” you say.  With a few more asks I may get you to tell me about some art you created or what snack you ate but it’s still never much.

On Tuesday your class celebrated Easter with Jesus’ resurrection story, an Easter egg hunt, and a “resurrection roll” special treat.  Before I could even get you buckled in, let alone ask you about your day, you were telling me all about it.  First you told me about the orange shiny egg you got, “but I don’t want orange, I want yellow.” And then you launched into a perfect 3-year-old version of Jesus’ resurrection story.

“Mommy, did soldiers kill Jesus?”

“Yeah they did.”

“Yeah, the soldiers killed Jesus!  That was very bad.”

“Yeah that was very mean huh?”

“Yeah and then the ladies put him in a rock to keep him safe.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“And then Jesus came back and he will live forever in heaven!”

Maisy, this was one of the proudest moments we’ve shared.  I think it is so incredible and wonderful that the one time so far that you couldn’t keep what you learned at school to yourself was the story of Jesus’ resurrection.  I’m so filled with joy that it’s Jesus you get most excited about.  I can’t help but think that means you really know him.  I pray He’s your best friend forever and that you are always filled up with joy by His presence in your life.

With pride,


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