Maisy Joy is 1 month old!

… well actually she is 2 months next week but these photos were taken at 1 month.

Being a Mom is so much better than I imagined, Maisy is way more fun than I could have dreamed, and I am way more in love than I thought myself capable.  Every time I look at this little girl my heart seems to bubble with joy.  I look at her and see all the goodness there is to be had in life, especially when she smiles her big, goofy grin back up at me.  I’ve been told so many times to enjoy every minute with this little girl because time will fly so I am trying my hardest to do just that!  On of my ways is by taking photos of her like this.  I’m thankful even more now than ever for my passion for photography because this really is the only way I get to freeze my little girl in time.

My intention for this shoot was to also get her outside but that just didn’t happen.  Maybe for her 2 month I can do the outdoorsy things I had hoped to accomplish in the 1 month… we will see.  What I did do though were some basic shots of her because I want to do the same shot every month for a year to better see how she’s growing and changing.  I also did some on the quilt I made her and photographed her adorable little details (eyes, mouth, etc).  I’m also tickled that I got some photos of her with Grammie and even me!

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Upchuck at Church

So I’m significantly behind on some storytelling.  Try as I might I’m sure I will not remember all the golden, and not so golden, moments I have wanted to write about since Maisy was born.  This one is pretty unforgettable though.

I photographed my first wedding 9 days after Maisy was born.  My poor little newborn had a mommy running around a wedding scene… no boob on demand that day that’s for sure!  She came with for the experience under the excellent care of Grandma Calhoun.  She was a sport throughout the whole day.  It was the next day I paid for it.  Even by 11am I could tell things were a little off.  My munchkin seemed desperate during nursing and like she simply wasn’t handling her intake well.  But I stubbornly got us to church because Citizen Way was playing for service at New Life Christian Church in Janesville and I simply couldn’t miss it.

Maisy was a champ, not complaining at all, but then she gushed a fountain of spit up like I’ve never seen before.  It was like a creamy geyser took off in the middle of the service.  No noise accompanied the overflow so it was only my seat neighbor that knew of the mess being spewed all down my front side.  She jumped up and away from me.  As Maisy upchucked all over me all I could do was watch her and catch the flow so it only ended up on me and not all over the seat, floor, or neighbors around me.  I just watched her vomit. I mean, what can you do really?  Especially when bolting out of my seat as she hurled would only trail the mess.

The minute she was done I fled the scene.  In the bathroom I discovered puke in my hair and covering the whole left side of my body.  I wiped Maisy down, changed her diaper, and changed her clothes.  My friend Laura was all hands on deck during the process.  Bless her. When Maisy was tended to I whipped off my shirt, yes in the middle of a church’s public bathroom, and handed it to Laura.  She rinsed it out and dried it under the hand dryers.  That thing looked brand, spankin’ new.  Meanwhile I was bent over in the sink rinsing out my hair and wiping off my skirt.

I was a mess and slightly concerned about my daughter’s health but I was not at all frustrated or embarrassed by my experience.  It was so neat having my friend jump to my aid and hear all the moms sympathize with my plight as they walked into the bathroom and saw this new mom shirtless and sopping.  Truth is, I guess we’ve all been there.

I am enjoying motherhood, even the quirky moments like this one, and I especially love discovering how supportive the mothering community is.  I guess I expected a bunch of bossy know-it-alls telling me how to take care of my kid but I’ve found quite the opposite.  I’ve only come across comrades in arms and willing helpers. Fellow moms, you rock!

a Photo a Day | June 16 – 29

I went into labor on June 16, finally had Maisy on June 19, and stayed at the hospital until June 21 as my husband and a bunch of fantastic family and friends moved us into our house.  Finally, on June 21 my husband brought me and Miss Maisy home and I’ve been figuring this mom thing out while trying to unpack and catch up on my photography work… all while trying to rest and recover from giving birth.  The past two weeks were not forgotten photographicallly though!  During labor my doula took some beautiful photos on my phone.  After birth and ever since I just can’t take enough photos of Maisy!

Week 1 |  June 16 – 22

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Week 2 | June 23 – 29 4 5 6 7

Meet Maisy Joy Calhoun!

I know now-a-days  it is customary to immediately post pictures of big life events on Facebook.  I just couldn’t do that.  Firstly, I’m a photographer and I wasn’t about introduce my baby girl to the world any other way than with my fancy pants camera.  Gotta do the little lady justice!  Secondly, I know that eventually I would post pictures of her on the web but I stubbornly wanted to keep her from that… even if just for a little while.

Yesterday I did it.  I took some pictures of my precious Maisy.  It was actually hard for me to make myself take pictures of her when all I really want to do is stare at her with my own two eyes and hold her all the time.  I could only manage a few photos because we also just moved. We closed on a house the day after Maisy was born.  So, my house is slowly but surely being put together and boxes are getting unpacked but I certainly am limited in how creative I can get with pictures for now.  I figured that’s alright though because, in reality, y’all just want to meet her and I don’t need gobs of photos to do that!  Besides, I have a lifetime to take pictures of my little beauty!

Anyway, with no further adieu, meet my daughter, Maisy Joy Calhoun!

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A Photo A Day | August 12 – 18

Hello friends!  I am finally getting back in the game after a knock out round with the cold/flu while persevering through a week and weekend of photo madness!!!  Photo count for the week: one boudoir session, one 1MO baby session, one engagement session in Minneapolis, one Minnesota wedding, one Milwaukee wedding.  What a great week!  So much photo fun to be had!

1M2Tu 3W4Th5F6Saturday 7Sunday

MONDAY wedding boudoir session (full blog post to come after the wedding)

TUESDAY my hubby’s beautiful eye (I finally saved up enough to spring for a macro lens!  Y’all are in for some macro fun in the coming “a Photo a Day” posts.)

WEDNESDAY 1MO Scarlett Krueger (full blog post coming soon)

THURSDAY Megan + Justin engagement session in Minneapolis

FRIDAY evening shadows on garage doors

SATURDAY  one fairy tale backyard Minnesota wedding (preview coming this week)

SUNDAY  a Jewish wedding of mass amounts of fun in Milwaukee (full blog post coming soon)