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Back in early November I was struck by an epiphany.  Up until that point Josh and I had spent a lot of time in prayer about our living situation and thinking it was getting close to time to move again.  Instead, God answered our prayers by giving me a vision for our home that included the things we were asking Him for.

Josh had been gone for a day or two when the Remaking Home idea came to me.  It all started with a vision for A Sunshine Moment Photography Studio.  Because I was committing to a studio I suddenly had to up the quality in the rest of the house.  In order for my clients to get to my studio space they were going to have to pass through our living room.  And lets say they had to tinkle, in order to get to the bathroom they would have to pass through the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom.  Two rooms untouched right?  Wrong.  I also needed storage shelves for all my new equipment so I looked to the otherwise unusable porch space.  Finally, with one room remaining and completely disheveled at this point, we decided to convert that into Josh’s studio so he could set up his drum kit.

The Living Room was step one in the process, mostly because it was the easiest to work with.  The remake consisted of touching up one wall and repainting the other three, opening the space up, incorporating a new bookshelf, de-cluttering surfaces, dressing the walls, ditching the junk, and adding some aesthetically pleasing nicknacks for a final accenting touch.

Main points of interest…

  1. Bookshelf
  2. Wall of Us
  3. Wall Colors
  4. Wine Bottles as Vases
  5. Antique Chandelier
  6. Wooden bird cage


Wall of Us: every year Josh and I get pictures taken of us right around our anniversary.


I got this chandelier from my Grandma Hagberg. She has several of these in her summer home and bequeathed one to me last summer when I visited. It came to me looking pretty shabby (before and after pics later) so I cleaned it up and gave it a new paint job. I also ripped out the wiring and converted it to a candle chandelier.


Those double doors are a friends and family favorite. When we were considering moving into this lower level house apartment all doorways were open. I told our potential landlord that we loved the place but couldn’t move in unless we had doors for the bedrooms. He found the rustic set hiding in the basement and the darker set at an antique store. He was going to refinish the rustic doors but we asked him to keep them as is 🙂


The stuff…

  • Corner shelf: gifted by Grandma Lu
  • Rug: IKEA
  • Entertainment center: gifted by Deedee
  • Bookshelf left: gifted by Grandpa Bud
  • Bookshelf right: gifted by Mom and Dad Calhoun
  • Wingback chair: IKEA
  • Loveseat:
  • Blue wall color: Seaworthy by Sherwin-Williams
  • Green wall color:  Hearts of Palm by Sherwin-Williams

Remaking Home posts to come… Music Room, A Sunshine Moment Photography Studio, A Summary (including bathroom, kitchen, and storage room), and Before & After

California – Day 2 (July 20)

So it must be confusing to be reading these blogs for yesterday a day later and I am feeling a lack of direction for this particular piece, but  here it goes.  And just so we understand each other, it’s hard to post on the day without staying up super late to write on the day that just happen.  So, here we are.

Today (meaning yesterday) mom and I woke up nice and early to start our adventures in Northern California.  I decided to run.  Up a hill.  Because they are unavoidable. By the time I reached my halfway point I realized I could walk as fast as I was running.  And when I reached the top the phrase “breathe-taking view” held some brand new meaning as I sucked for air while gazing out across this drier Rwandan-looking expanse of hills and gorges.

Then we headed to Santa Rosa to complete out missions for the day:  two business meetings for Mom and visits to Guernville and Healdsburg.  For the business meetings I had some work time and lunch and then we were set to trek out on our days real adventures.

Guernville is hippie central.  Right off the bat I stumbled across two incoherent beings, one mumbled something strange that I am now having trouble recollecting and the other was a young boy sitting on a fence mumbling for “spare change.”  Now, by the time I could decipher what the second was saying I was well past him and quickly realized he would probably turn around and use it for weed.

The majority of the stores in this town had something to do with marihuana.  We did not stay long because there was not much of a main street, but it was fun to visit the small stretch of bright stores and enjoy a couple yummy truffles.  Also, we actually got stuck talking to a store owner about best routes to get everywhere, and I mean everywhere, we were going while in California.  Can say I don’t remember a word, but he sure was enthusiastically helpful.

Healdsburg, for those of us Illinoisans, is a glorified downtown Geneva.  Everything is expensive and the food is not great.  We walked down the main street, the whole length of the down town area, without even rubbernecking at any given shop.  At the end of the road, however, we discovered the chamber of commerce and got our hands on a map.  Now, I was completely famished, but then we stepped into this fair trade store called One World Fair Trade.  Through this store I got to travel back to Africa and travel to all sorts of other countries.  New breath was blown into my lungs.  Our next chosen destination from our new handy-dandy map was this Upper Level Art Gallery.  It literally existed at in the upper level of a trendy bookstore and there was everything from oil paining, to photography, to ethnic sculpting, to jewelry making.  It was a brilliant niche of eclectic, local art.

After a few other lesser exciting stores and some super salty dinner we were on our way back to our Japanese-esk hotel for some wine and a chick flick.

P.S.  I do not recommend plum wine or “Just Go With It.”