Remaking Home | a Summary

Remaking Home | Blog Post 5 / 5

Today I give you the last of my Remaking Home Blog Posts! ¬†This post serves as a summary of the whole project from start to finish, including before pictures ūüôā ¬†I will guide you through the project in the order I finished the rooms – ironically, the last room to be finished was the first room I started so I figure by rate of finishing is a better¬†gauge.

First, the premise of the whole project.  This Remaking Home overhall idea was born last fall.  Josh and I had spent significant amounts of time praying about a new place to live fitting in certain specific criteria.  When we moved into this home we asked the Lord for a personal relationship with our landlord, office spaces for both Josh and I, and a place that allowed dogs.  We still needed all those criteria fulfilled but we now were additionally seeking a place where I could grow a garden and open a studio.  Instead of answering our prayers with a new home, He brought me a vision of how to make the studio happen in our current home and gave me the guts to ask our landlord about our garden.  Several months later the Remaking Home project is finished, I held my first session here in December, threw my a Sunshine Moment Photography Studio GRAND OPENING, and have planted my garden.

In order to open a studio in our apartment I knew the whole home needed a serious makeover. ¬†I knew my clients would be walking through my living room to get to the studio and they would walk through the living room, kitchen, and bathroom if they needed relief. ¬†That left one room for our bedroom but instead of using that space for our bed we decided to give Josh a music room. ¬†We were excited about our artist’s bungalow and resolved to sleep on our hide-a-bed indefinitely. ¬†I am happy to say, this arrangement not one works but our hide-a-bed is actually more cozy than some normal beds and I have been thriving in my studio space! ¬†God is so good! ¬†Thank goodness for his brilliant idea ūüôā

ROOM 1 | Kitchen

The kitchen was done first because this room didn’t need any repainting and I needed to move the furniture around anyway. ¬†This was our most initially successful room. When we first moved in I chose this subdued red color for two of the walls to blend the cabinets and the counter tops into the space better. ¬†With a trip to IKEA, Josh and I decided kitchen ware as “wall art” would be a nice touch so we proceeded to buy the prospective equipment and hung our pots, pans, and baked goods in the corner by the oven.

All I did to touch up this room was ditch a table, bring in a smaller one, and resituate the knick knacks. ¬†(INTERIOR DESIGN TIP: ¬†don’t underestimate knick knacks – use them for accent colors and presentation and the key is quality, not quantity.)

For the full blog post on Remaking Home in the kitchen CLICK HERE.


Not a true before picture because I had already moved the yellow and brown tables from their original spot but the knick knacks are different. ¬†Sorry for my forgetfulness in the BEFORE picture department ūüôā



0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006

ROOM 2 | Bathroom

The bathroom was another easy fix room – mostly because it’s such a small space to work with. ¬†For this room I switched out all the linens, added a shelf, switched out the toilet seat, and painted two walls.

For the full blog post on Remaking Home in the bathroom CLICK HERE.

Sorry, I don’t have a BEFORE shot of this room…


0008 0009 0010ROOM 3 | Living Room

The living room was my next easiest fix.  Like the kitchen, Josh and I were mildly successful in painting the first time around and the general position of most furniture.  However, it did need some serious adjustments.  In this room I switched out the upholstered furniture in favor of some new items, painted the remaining tan walls, built a collage of images of Josh and I as a visual centerpiece, adopted a rustic shelf from Mom and Dad Calhoun, rearranged our media and knick knacks, refurbished and hung a chandelier, reworked the lighting, changed the hardware on the entertainment center, and changed our shoe department.

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IMG_0437 IMG_0438 IMG_0439AFTER

0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0007ROOM 4 | Studio

This room needed the most work. ¬†I needed it to serve as my office, the place where we sleep, a place to hold meetings, and a place to conduct various photo shoots. ¬†That’s a lot of activity to fit in one space while trying to uphold an open and beautiful space.

Everything about this room is different and new.  Not a speck of original furniture remains.  With a lot of repainting, repurposing, and a little bit or purchasing I finally came up with the perfect convertible room.

CLICK HERE to see the full blog post with images from each room arrangement and function.



IMG_0479 IMG_0480 IMG_0481AFTER

0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006ROOM 6 | Music Room

This room didn’t actually need a lot of work, but it posed the biggest creative black hole for me. ¬†I puzzled over this room in circles. ¬†I would come up with the perfect idea and then that perfect idea would be over taken by another perfect idea and so on. ¬†Finally, with the push to finish the room before the¬†a Sunshine Moment Photography Studio GRAND OPENING¬†party I moved my last item and painted the last wall only two days before the open house. ¬†This room stretched me because it was everything I didn’t know. ¬†My job was to create a space that would serve as Josh’s office while be the ideal space for practicing drums, keys, and guitar. ¬†Since the room doesn’t have a lot of available wall space due to the radiator, double doors, window, and closet spaces I was left to puzzle through all the pieces I needed to artistically display within the space.

For the full blog post on Remaking Home in the music room CLICK HERE.


IMG_0436 IMG_0488

My desk used to be wedged into the corner of this room.  This shot was taken after I had already moved my computer.


0001 0002 0003 0004Thanks for reading about my Remaking Home adventure and I hope it was educational, inspirational, or both ūüėČ

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a Photo a Day | April 8 – 14

1M2Tu 3W4Th 5F6Sa 7Sunday-2

Monday:  Remaking Home | Living Room

Tuesday:  a FANTASTIC boudoir shoot with a bride to be at the studio!

Wednesday: ¬†errands with the whole family ūüėČ

Thursday:  still life of an Orchid

Friday:  steaming bowl of pasta

Saturday:  images for the studio

Sunday:  my dogs are cute

And a couple extras… just because he’s too cute ūüėČ

7Sunday-3 7Sunday

Remaking Home | Living Room

Remaking Home | Blog Post 1 / 5

Back in early November I was struck by an epiphany.  Up until that point Josh and I had spent a lot of time in prayer about our living situation and thinking it was getting close to time to move again.  Instead, God answered our prayers by giving me a vision for our home that included the things we were asking Him for.

Josh had been gone for a day or two when the Remaking Home idea came to me. ¬†It all started with a vision for A Sunshine Moment Photography Studio. ¬†Because I was committing to a studio I suddenly had to up the quality in the rest of the house. ¬†In order for my clients to get to my studio space they were going to have to pass through our living room. ¬†And lets say they had to tinkle, in order to get to the bathroom they would have to pass through the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. ¬†Two rooms untouched right? ¬†Wrong. ¬†I also needed storage shelves for all my new equipment so I looked to the otherwise unusable porch space. ¬†Finally, with one room remaining and completely¬†disheveled¬†at this point, we decided to convert that into Josh’s studio so he could set up his drum kit.

The Living Room was step one in the process, mostly because it was the easiest to work with.  The remake consisted of touching up one wall and repainting the other three, opening the space up, incorporating a new bookshelf, de-cluttering surfaces, dressing the walls, ditching the junk, and adding some aesthetically pleasing nicknacks for a final accenting touch.

Main points of interest…

  1. Bookshelf
  2. Wall of Us
  3. Wall Colors
  4. Wine Bottles as Vases
  5. Antique Chandelier
  6. Wooden bird cage


Wall of Us: every year Josh and I get pictures taken of us right around our anniversary.


I got this chandelier from my Grandma Hagberg. She has several of these in her summer home and bequeathed one to me last summer when I visited. It came to me looking pretty shabby (before and after pics later) so I cleaned it up and gave it a new paint job. I also ripped out the wiring and converted it to a candle chandelier.


Those double doors are a friends and family favorite. When we were considering moving into this lower level house apartment all doorways were open. I told our potential landlord that we loved the place but couldn’t move in unless we had doors for the bedrooms. He found the rustic set hiding in the basement and the darker set at an antique store. He was going to refinish the rustic doors but we asked him to keep them as is ūüôā


The stuff…

  • Corner shelf: gifted by Grandma Lu
  • Rug: IKEA
  • Entertainment center: gifted by Deedee
  • Bookshelf left: gifted by Grandpa Bud
  • Bookshelf right: gifted by Mom and Dad Calhoun
  • Wingback chair: IKEA
  • Loveseat:
  • Blue wall color: Seaworthy by Sherwin-Williams
  • Green wall color: ¬†Hearts of Palm by Sherwin-Williams

Remaking Home posts to come…¬†Music Room,¬†A Sunshine Moment Photography Studio,¬†A Summary (including bathroom, kitchen, and storage room), and¬†Before & After

a Photo a Day | April 1 – 7

1M2Tu 3W4Th6Saturday5F7Su

Monday: ¬†Josh and I got a “get all the winter residue off the car” wash.

Tuesday: ¬†Shoes + legwarmers + tights = it’s spring again!

Wednesday:  Project Homemaker Рa snap of the living room I made (full blog post coming soon).

Thursday: ¬†I’m selling my 35mm. Interested? CLICK HERE

Friday:  Project Homemaker РI refurbished this chandelier   It was a gift from my grandma that I fixed up with a little paint and rewiring! (Full blog post coming soon.)

Saturday: ¬†Becky and I did our 6ish month maternity session! (PREVIEW coming this week.) ¬†CLICK HERE to see the 3ish month session we did together ūüôā

Sunday: ¬†I planted my garden and, while I was at it, felt this little guy deserved a bigger vessel to spread his cramped little roots. ¬†This plant means a lot to me. ¬†It’s the one plant still living from the basket of plants I was given from my grandpa’s funeral last year. ¬†Cute little bugger isn’t he? ¬†Maybe he’ll actually get bigger now that he’ll have some more room ūüôā