50 Favorite Things

It is very self indulgent to list off my favorite things.  However, today I will take the liberty because a list of favorite things can be a list of story starts.  Unlike some lists, I also want to very specifically list my favorites… not vaguely.  I also am going to only give myself permission to list one thing about Josh, Haley, and Sam each because they could take up the whole list otherwise 😉

  1. yellow anything (even the ragweed that that induces my allergies)
  2. the way spooning Haley can wipe away any and all worries
  3. the way Sam makes me laugh even when I’m supposed to be mad at him
  4. when Josh’s face lights up into his biggest, most pure smile when I tickle him
  5. the smiles that light up the whole face
  6. itty bitty creations
  7. painting pictures with my written words
  8. the way a newborn looks curiously at my flashing contraption as I photograph them
  9. the moment when a newborn is fading into sleep in your arms
  10. wedding joy
  11. Disney movies
  12. decaf hazelnut coffee
  13. children’s books
  14. temperate fall days
  15. spooning in the morning before getting out of bed
  16. reading on a rainy day
  17. coffee dates with my husband
  18. curling up with a good book by my paren’t fire place in their log home in the winter
  19. iceskating on the lake before the first snow
  20. making a house a home
  21. “eclectic” everything
  22. Minnesota
  23. night time thunderstorms
  24. a life full of color
  25. plants to love in my backyard and that love me back by giving me the tastiest of treats
  26. sunsets that are golden, and fiery, and deep all at the same time
  27. early morning mist
  28. fluffy snow lit with Christmas lights and surrounded by Christmas songs
  29. singing Christmas carols around my uncle’s neighborhood at Hagberg Christmas
  30. Christmas eve dinner and present opening
  31. setting up the Christmas tree on a snowy evening with Christmas music
  32. the unhindered love, curiosity, and joy that exudes from puppies
  33. hard-working, weathered hands
  34. sunflowers
  35. catching fireflies at dusk
  36. eating around a table with good company
  37. the intimacy of the human eye
  38. the curve of voluptuous lips
  39. the goofy look of belly buttons
  40. books that cling to your brain even when you’re not reading them
  41. old, wise-looking trees with climbing branches
  42. freshly sharpened pencils
  43. creamy coconut smelling chapstick
  44. photo booths
  45. the moment I know I’ve snapped a winning photograph
  46. the smell of summer air, as if watermelons were cracked open all around
  47. the crunch of shoes on gravel roads
  48. the smell of new books
  49. African safari animals
  50. cantering on a horse in the open field

What is your list of favorite things?

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