Mega Bus, Mega Problems

Yesterday I had another Megabus travel experience. I think I have ridden with them a good handful of times now… but the past couple have made me wonder if I should continue this travel habit.

The benefit to riding the bus to visit my parents, or to travel in general, is that you have more flexibility. Instead of driving and hoping music or an audiobook will entertain me for 7 hours I get to read or play games on my iPad or write. The ride goes much quicker!

My bus yesterday was 30 minutes late. Then, when we got to UW Madison to pick up folks at that stop, I found myself playing navigator. The whole time the bus driver mumbled about the construction and other nothings about why it wasn’t her fault. After that pick up, I had to play navigator again to get us back to the freeway. This time she mumbled in circles about how she passed the exit the last time. And just when I thought my bus navigating days were over I found myself navigating us to the final destination in Minneapolis… yikes! This time the bus driver alternated between mumbling and yelling repeatedly about the ridiculousness of the directions that Megabus gave to her as heated discussions erupted behind us. People were now incredulous, they were all hollering because not only were we significantly late but she skipped the St. Paul stop.

Finally we parked and I made my speedy exit while chuckling at the hilarity of the whole bus ride. At least it makes for a good story right?

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