Fact:  Sabon smells lovely, makes you smell lovely, and is my new favorite all natural way to smell lovely and get clean.

A new Sabon shop opened in the Woodfield Mall late this summer.  Laura and I discovered it while moseying around and fell in love with the boutique’s unique interior design and the products.  Now, thanks to my hubby, I own some of the product. For Christmas Josh got me some Gentleman Body Scrub and Eye Cream.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Gentleman” for a girl?  Well, the scent is also described as Patchouli Citrus and I’ve never been a flowers and perfume kind of girl so it’s really quite fitting. What’s so great about the scrub is that everything is all natural, they let you sample stuff in their pretty store, and since the scrub uses oils I smell lovely all day.  It is all completely SLS and Paraben free.  It is made with deep sea salt coated in almond oil, jojoba oils and oils sourced from the Brazillian rainforest then enriched with Omega 3, 6, 9 and Vitamin E.  I’ve been using it twice a week and it certainly gets all the yucky dry winter skin off and leaves my skin happier with the healthy layer of oils left behind. The Eye Cream is a blend of Asian White Tea extract with avocado oil, seaweed and aloe vera. It is a light, cooling cream, rich in antioxidants.  The website boasts that it is “valuable in rebuilding the delicate tissue around the eye area, while reducing puffiness and dark circles.”  Although I know there are times of optimism in thinking such things, I’m fairly certain this product actually does that.  I’ve been using the Eye Cream the recommended twice daily and as a result I haven’t needed to wear any of my coverup, the one bit of makeup I wear, and that is a wonderful thing!  This is particularly sweet because it is the very reason Josh got me the eye cream.  Apparently, over the years, he’s observed that I’ve mentioned the perpetual dark circles under my eye several times so he took it upon himself to help me out in a very natural and healthy way.  Healthier than coverup I dare say.  I also have a theory that, since the aloe vera hydrates the skin, that the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes are less noticeable.  Yes, I already have wrinkles and I am proud of them because they are the same exact wrinkles I see on my dad, smile wrinkles. 5Friday

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