A Morning in Madison

One late evening post

I simply can’t resist posting these for two reasons:  one, the family will like to see them; two, I want you to see them 😉  Josh and I shot a wedding on Friday evening near the heart of Madison so instead of driving all the way home we jutted over to my sister-in-laws gorgeous home at the Cottage Grove edge of Madison to spend the night.  We woke up the next day to our pretty, sweet niece, Lauren, and my spunky mom-in-law, Lannette.

My morning was joyous with Josh and Mom playing piano together, the three of us girls dancing to Taylor Swifts Red album, and a lunch of Chipotle left overs.  Before long I was headed north to see Elton John’s Broadway Musical Aida in Minneapolis with my mom 🙂

piano and LaurenIMG_9453

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