Musings of a Musician’s Wife: I am a Vegetarian

Kaia’s vegetarianism:  Absolutely no meat unless it is “happy cows” (grass fed beef), “happy chickens” (cage free chicken), or seafood.  To outline what this looks like I eat stuff like shrimp and fish but I only eat beef or chicken if I’m over at someone’s house and they happen to be serving from happy animals.  Does that make sense?

I have been a vegetarian for one and a half years now.  Two Decembers ago it started with a big idea from Josh to give it a whirl just for fun.  He now eats meat again, I stuck with the veggies.

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at the same time and after several months of prayer and staying away from meat my body leveled out and I have been problem free since.  I can’t say it was not eating meat that did it but I do know that I feel great.  I also can’t say everyone has to be vegetarian because I really think that everyone’s body asks for and needs different types of nutrients and that they function better without certain things being ingested.  Since I made the switch I have never felt so light and healthy and my body is so grateful for the greater consumption of veggies and fruits in place of the meats. That being said, I move on to my next reason for living life meat free.   

As some of you have guessed by my definition above, I also choose to live meat free for animal rights.  Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been head over heels for animals of every kind.  So when I learned just how awfully chickens and cows are treated on giant stockyards the choice to be vegetarian stuck.  To say the least, I watched Food Inc and decided I did not want to contribute to the repulsive way they treat animals.

My final reason for being vegetarian is that with the exception of burgers and hot dogs (I know, hot dogs of all things) I really didn’t enjoy eating meat.  Josh and I didn’t buy it with our groceries before my diet change and I usually preferred to opt out of any meat when we went out to eat.  So as soon as he mentioned cutting meat out all together I realized I really liked the idea simply because I really didn’t like it in the first place.

Saying I’m vegetarian is, by no means, my snobbish way to get out of eating something I don’t like.  I know my body runs better without and I know I love animals way to much to be putting them through the torturous life they are given in stock yards.  Sometimes I wish my conviction weren’t this strong just so I could not be an annoying house guest, but I also don’t require anyone to not make meat while I’m included in the dining.  I simply ask that I am only given the things on the menu that don’t have meat or meat products in them (potatoes, salad, bread, veggies, etc).  So for all of you who ask the question “what do I feed a vegetarian?”  Your answer is:  everything else.

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