Musings of a Musician’s Wife: Love

This morning when I was on my way home from working at the hospital taking pictures of babies I was suddenly struck by a strong pondering of just how far love can go.  I got to thinking about Mother Teresa and how when she was asked how long she spends with God each day her answer was something like “well if the poor and broken down are the heart of God then I spend all day with him.”  And then I was thinking about how I’ve heard it said that the way to feel loved yourself is to spend all your love on others.  And then I was thinking about everyone I see in a day and how I could spend more love on each of them.  Even though I have to sell myself every day because my job is me and who I am and what I can create I was reminded today that if I’m putting love first – loving myself and spending as much energy as I can loving others – the rest really does follow.  I can’t help but wish it would only be easier to put love first all throughout the day because if love is always my first response I am not only following in the steps of Jesus but I am sharing the greatest gift anyone can give.  So here’s to love and the commitment to spend this day, at least, with love at the forefront.

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