When ordinary days become extraordinary

I love when ordinary days become extraordinary.  Today it is a simply perfect combination of a sunny, blue skies, brisk day; a morning filled with doggy and husband snuggles; a physically freeing chiropractic appointment; Christmas gift “shopping” over coffee and a danish; a delicious grapefruit; and a trip to Caribou for an afternoon of writing over tea before a joyful small group time with some of my favorite ladies this evening.

Today I landed myself in the most perfect of situations.  My errand to the bank put this particular Caribou within closer reach than the much less interesting one I would have ended up at if I had not gone to the bank.  I drove along a road I’ve never taken past our home before and watched the neighborhoods grow more eclectic and spacious and the houses grow enticingly more unique. The end of my journey planted me in this niche of classy, brick buildings called a town square that house small businesses and this Caribou.  Out my window I can see the sun setting over the most monumental library I have ever seen.  And, yet, this place still belongs to the same Streamwood I call home.

And now I right here just before I get working on my children’s book because I was simply too thankful to withhold my joy from the world and to not work on sustaining the memory of another perfect day by writing it down.  Blessings to everyone who reads this and enjoy this beautiful day!

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