About the Blog


I blog every weekday:

  • a Photo a Day (Monday)
  • Tuesday Tips
  • Wednesday Words
  • A day of Photography (Thursday)
  • Friday FUN or FACT

Sometimes I’ll even post on a Saturday and I will keep that unstructured to suit my need for spontaneity 😉


  1. My posting categories are important! Check them out below.
  2. This blog is devoted to storytelling and project sharing with a generous portion of photography.  I write and I create 🙂

POSTING CATEGORIES:  this blog is privy to…

I AM WRITER:  though I do photography as a profession I did minor in writing and journalism is a gigantic passion of mine.  I write everything from personal stories to children’s books to journalism on behalf of Citizen Way or other entities that beckon and one day I will publish a particular non-fiction book and perhaps some youth fiction.  But, one thing at a time 😉

Tuesday Tips:  This is where I will do stuff like “10 tips to a great marriage” or “20 ways to grow into a better photographer” and other educational material not reserved to number increments 😉

Storytelling:  this is an area specifically for stories about my personal life.  This includes everything that is written through my perspective and how the title Musings of a Musician’s Wife was born.  Key themes here will be daily anecdotes of a musician’s wife, mother to dogs, and professional photographer among others I’m sure.

Citizen Way:  seeing as my husband is in the band and I love to write and photograph it was only fitting for me to request permission to interview on occasion to post “inside scoops” to my blog for them, their fans, for me, and my fans 😉  Mostly for them and their fans though so I’m hoping the rest of you that find me interesting find those posts interesting as well too 🙂

Handmade and Homemade:  another one of my life goals is to get natural and self sustainable.  A lot of these projects will be about this.  Other categories include homemaking of all sorts, learning something new, DIY projects, or other things my hands happen upon.

More about Citizen way… CLICK HERE

Photography:  I have decided to stream my professional photography, a Sunshine Moment, posts through my blog as well because it is blogging I just have to do it on my website and it’s silly to not connect it to my “blog.”  These posts will most likely appear 1-2 times/wk.

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