a Photo a Day | April 1 – 7

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Monday:  Josh and I got a “get all the winter residue off the car” wash.

Tuesday:  Shoes + legwarmers + tights = it’s spring again!

Wednesday:  Project Homemaker – a snap of the living room I made (full blog post coming soon).

Thursday:  I’m selling my 35mm. Interested? CLICK HERE

Friday:  Project Homemaker – I refurbished this chandelier   It was a gift from my grandma that I fixed up with a little paint and rewiring! (Full blog post coming soon.)

Saturday:  Becky and I did our 6ish month maternity session! (PREVIEW coming this week.)  CLICK HERE to see the 3ish month session we did together 🙂

Sunday:  I planted my garden and, while I was at it, felt this little guy deserved a bigger vessel to spread his cramped little roots.  This plant means a lot to me.  It’s the one plant still living from the basket of plants I was given from my grandpa’s funeral last year.  Cute little bugger isn’t he?  Maybe he’ll actually get bigger now that he’ll have some more room 🙂

4 thoughts on “a Photo a Day | April 1 – 7

  1. I love your outlook on the picture a day! My boyfriend did a 365 3 years in a row! Everyone does it differently, but he couldn’t post the same picture twice during the 365. He found it really difficult. haha. Keep it up!

    • Thanks so much! Yeah for me it’s my push to touch my camera every day. I like to do something different every day of the week and most days of the year. I like to include my dogs about once a week though. The dogs are kind of a popular presence 😉 Since committing to a once a week “a Photo a Day” blog post I’ve been finding that it’s really inspiring me and bringing joy and variety to my work. Stirring up my creativity 🙂

      Is his work anywhere I could see it? I’m curious what his take on “a photo a day” was!

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