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Today I give you the last of my Remaking Home Blog Posts! ¬†This post serves as a summary of the whole project from start to finish, including before pictures ūüôā ¬†I will guide you through the project in the order I finished the rooms – ironically, the last room to be finished was the first room I started so I figure by rate of finishing is a better¬†gauge.

First, the premise of the whole project.  This Remaking Home overhall idea was born last fall.  Josh and I had spent significant amounts of time praying about a new place to live fitting in certain specific criteria.  When we moved into this home we asked the Lord for a personal relationship with our landlord, office spaces for both Josh and I, and a place that allowed dogs.  We still needed all those criteria fulfilled but we now were additionally seeking a place where I could grow a garden and open a studio.  Instead of answering our prayers with a new home, He brought me a vision of how to make the studio happen in our current home and gave me the guts to ask our landlord about our garden.  Several months later the Remaking Home project is finished, I held my first session here in December, threw my a Sunshine Moment Photography Studio GRAND OPENING, and have planted my garden.

In order to open a studio in our apartment I knew the whole home needed a serious makeover. ¬†I knew my clients would be walking through my living room to get to the studio and they would walk through the living room, kitchen, and bathroom if they needed relief. ¬†That left one room for our bedroom but instead of using that space for our bed we decided to give Josh a music room. ¬†We were excited about our artist’s bungalow and resolved to sleep on our hide-a-bed indefinitely. ¬†I am happy to say, this arrangement not one works but our hide-a-bed is actually more cozy than some normal beds and I have been thriving in my studio space! ¬†God is so good! ¬†Thank goodness for his brilliant idea ūüôā

ROOM 1 | Kitchen

The kitchen was done first because this room didn’t need any repainting and I needed to move the furniture around anyway. ¬†This was our most initially successful room. When we first moved in I chose this subdued red color for two of the walls to blend the cabinets and the counter tops into the space better. ¬†With a trip to IKEA, Josh and I decided kitchen ware as “wall art” would be a nice touch so we proceeded to buy the prospective equipment and hung our pots, pans, and baked goods in the corner by the oven.

All I did to touch up this room was ditch a table, bring in a smaller one, and resituate the knick knacks. ¬†(INTERIOR DESIGN TIP: ¬†don’t underestimate knick knacks – use them for accent colors and presentation and the key is quality, not quantity.)

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Not a true before picture because I had already moved the yellow and brown tables from their original spot but the knick knacks are different. ¬†Sorry for my forgetfulness in the BEFORE picture department ūüôā



0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006

ROOM 2 | Bathroom

The bathroom was another easy fix room – mostly because it’s such a small space to work with. ¬†For this room I switched out all the linens, added a shelf, switched out the toilet seat, and painted two walls.

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Sorry, I don’t have a BEFORE shot of this room…


0008 0009 0010ROOM 3 | Living Room

The living room was my next easiest fix.  Like the kitchen, Josh and I were mildly successful in painting the first time around and the general position of most furniture.  However, it did need some serious adjustments.  In this room I switched out the upholstered furniture in favor of some new items, painted the remaining tan walls, built a collage of images of Josh and I as a visual centerpiece, adopted a rustic shelf from Mom and Dad Calhoun, rearranged our media and knick knacks, refurbished and hung a chandelier, reworked the lighting, changed the hardware on the entertainment center, and changed our shoe department.

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IMG_0437 IMG_0438 IMG_0439AFTER

0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0007ROOM 4 | Studio

This room needed the most work. ¬†I needed it to serve as my office, the place where we sleep, a place to hold meetings, and a place to conduct various photo shoots. ¬†That’s a lot of activity to fit in one space while trying to uphold an open and beautiful space.

Everything about this room is different and new.  Not a speck of original furniture remains.  With a lot of repainting, repurposing, and a little bit or purchasing I finally came up with the perfect convertible room.

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IMG_0479 IMG_0480 IMG_0481AFTER

0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006ROOM 6 | Music Room

This room didn’t actually need a lot of work, but it posed the biggest creative black hole for me. ¬†I puzzled over this room in circles. ¬†I would come up with the perfect idea and then that perfect idea would be over taken by another perfect idea and so on. ¬†Finally, with the push to finish the room before the¬†a Sunshine Moment Photography Studio GRAND OPENING¬†party I moved my last item and painted the last wall only two days before the open house. ¬†This room stretched me because it was everything I didn’t know. ¬†My job was to create a space that would serve as Josh’s office while be the ideal space for practicing drums, keys, and guitar. ¬†Since the room doesn’t have a lot of available wall space due to the radiator, double doors, window, and closet spaces I was left to puzzle through all the pieces I needed to artistically display within the space.

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IMG_0436 IMG_0488

My desk used to be wedged into the corner of this room.  This shot was taken after I had already moved my computer.


0001 0002 0003 0004Thanks for reading about my Remaking Home adventure and I hope it was educational, inspirational, or both ūüėČ

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Remaking Home | Kitchen and Bathroom

Remaking Home | Blog Post 3 / 5

Ok, so when I posted Remaking Home | Living Room I said that was where I started. ¬†Well, truth is, I actually started with the kitchen but all I really did in this remodel was reorganize this room, no painting required. ¬†I promise I didn’t mean to fib ūüôā

The kitchen was the only room I successfully chose the paint¬†palette¬†for the first time around. ¬†Red for a kitchen to me is fitting because it is a place with fire. ¬†Red to me speaks of cooking and baking and enjoying the occasionally spicy meal. ¬†I couldn’t do any red though because if you look at the counters they are yellow and the cabinets are a very yellow-brown. ¬†And I’m not a fan of putting¬†catsup¬†and mustard in a room. ¬†We also wanted to incorporate lime green in our kitchen. ¬†After looking and bunches of colors I found this Sierra Red and fell in love. ¬†I love the earthy, dirt red tone.

Our other hurdle with this room was that is was an awkwardly HUGE kitchen. ¬†We have very little counter space and only one place for the stove,¬†refrigerator¬†and radiator (yes, I did try to move the stove and fridge). ¬†To break up the space, and wall space, we added a small “dining” table and another table for some more counter space. ¬†We hung the lime green lantern over our new “counter” space and strung lights around the doorways for some nice ambiance. ¬†My favorite addition we made in this room are the pots and pans racks by the stove and the cubbies for jars of baking supplies. ¬†The last little touches were the pictures we hung and the curtain I got for the window leading to the porch (I get the most compliments on this curtain than anything else in the house I think).

Our¬†bathroom¬†is TINY. ¬†There is room for the toilet, sink, radiator, and tub… there’s enough left over to stand in the room and turn around.

When Josh and I got engaged we made our trip to Target to create our wedding registry. ¬†I look back fondly on this time now but that day he and I had it out. ¬†We could not agree on anything and particularly could not agree on towels. ¬†He wanted all these boring colors and I really wanted the bright colors (particularly yellow of course). ¬†We ended up getting so frustrated at each other that we actually went separate ways, wandering the store by ourselves for a while. ¬†Josh had the scanner so he took the liberty to add a few things in my¬†absence¬†(like an ax, which we actually got for a wedding gift) ūüėČ ¬†Eventually we had cooled down enough to talk again and Josh won the ¬†towel battle. ¬†The first two years of our marriage were privy to brown, navy, purple, and green ¬†towels. ¬†This year I found these way more exciting towels at World Market and was STOKED! ¬†I showed Josh and he liked them too so I bought them while they were on sale and with a coupon and put the old ones in storage for when we have more than four people in our home at a time. ¬†Josh has since learned that yellow is, indeed, an awesome color and that color in general is way more fun. ¬†I have learned that too much color variety, or rainbows in every room, just looks immature. ¬†One of the many, although¬†seemingly¬†insignificant, lessons learned because of marriage. ¬†Love that guy!

So I love my towels. ¬†It’s the little things in life right? ¬†But my other favorite part of the bathroom is my soap dispenser. ¬†Josh got this soap dispenser for me for my birthday, just before the redesign project took flight. ¬†The other thing, besides yellow towels, that I had been asking Josh for was a fun soap dispenser. ¬†I have always loved the kids soap dispensers and every time we went to Target I would make him look at them with me and I would say “some day I would really love one of these.” ¬†One such trip at Target we found my little elephant. ¬†This was finally a soap dispenser that was buckets of fun for me but not too obnoxious that Josh didn’t like it. ¬†So, lo and behold, one of the gifts I opened on my birthday was that soap dispenser and I WAS THRILLED! ¬†Such a¬†thoughtful¬†gift.

As for the rest of the room, fortunately¬†green was already part of our bathroom scheme before so the rug, the toilet basket, the toiletry shelving, and some of the paint job could stay. ¬†When we first painted the bathroom we¬†naively¬†chose a neon green. ¬†It was hideous. ¬†So then we repainted two walls a more subdued green, but I still wasn’t happy, I wanted the room to be uniform so, for this project, I simply painted the other two walls that same, subdued, green color.

With the new towels we DID need a new shower curtain though.  I browsed for a while.  Since the bathroom is so small and the only window is behind the tub I wanted curtains that would allow the light to pass through them.  I finally found this cool, map curtain at Urban Outfitters.

The last piece I added to the space was a simple shelf.  Previously we had a couple hooks for the hand towels there but I wanted a little shelf to put a candle.  The candle was important to me because I would light it every time I had a client meeting or session at the studio so if they had to use the restroom it would have nice ambiance and, most importantly, it would smell nice.  So I found this shelf on Etsy and was exciting to have my candle shelf and towel hooks all in one, with the lovely addition of a jar for fake flowers.

Ok, the final last piece I added was a new toilet seat.  The old one was the white plastic variety so we picked up this more aesthetically pleasing wooden seat at IKEA.

And now, the visual evidence… ūüôā

0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0007 0008 0009 0010Wall Colors…

Kitchen Red:  Sierra Redwood (Sherwin Williams)

Kitchen Tan:  no clue

Bathroom Green:  Parakeet (Sherwin Williams)

The Stuff…


Pots and Pans racks:  IKEA

Wood cubbies:  IKEA

Yellow table:   IKEA

Curtain:  World Market

Trash Can:   IKEA


Rug:  Target

Toilet Basket:  Target

Beside sink shelves:  Target

Yellow shelf:  Etsy

Towels:  World Market (not the exact same as they discontinued them in December but these are similar)

Soap dispenser:  Target

Shower Curtain:  Urban Outfitters

Toilet Seat:   IKEA

Trash Can:  Target