Wedding Rack Card

I connected with The Armory in Janesville and am now one of their featured wedding photographers!  I chose to connect with this venue in particular because I love the charm of the brick, historic building and I simply won’t beat the proximity to my home!

This new connection meant I needed to get some materials printed for them to put in the folders they give their couples.  I chose this simple card as to give these couples the eye candy and some basic information without overwhelming them.  The idea is that if they like what they see on the card they will inquire with questions or to book me for their wedding.

Bring it on The Armory brides and grooms!  Looking forward to connecting with you!


Wedding Rack Card_Front

Wedding Rack Card_Back

Web Design for Author-Speaker Amy Hammond-Hagberg

Amy Hammond-Hagberg is an author-speaker from Minnesota.  She’s authored and coauthored several books.  My personal favorite is 100 Answers to 100 Questions Before You Say I Do but Facing the Dragon seems to be her most popular.  Not only was I super blessed to grow up under the care of this spunky and hardworking woman, but I have had the privilege of proofreading for her, taking her head shots, and now designing her website!

Working with my mom on this big project was both very fun and challenging.  Suddenly proofreading and taking head shots looked like child’s play!  Not that designing the site itself was particularly hard, although each graphic design experience I’ve had certainly is enough to puzzle through on its own, I just found the dynamic between playing designer and daughter at the same time to be much more challenging.  In proofreading and head shots I get to send my mom a finished product, with design there is proofing along the way and a whole manner of preferences to sift through together.  We had to play a lot of back and forth on deciding what the look would be and why – occasionally I had squish one of her ideas and occasionally she had to dump one of mine.  Because of all of this I learned a lot about myself and I think it grew our relationship in a cool, unique way!  I’m also very grateful that I got to work on the design with her because I think it is worlds better because of her input and evaluation along the way!  Two minds are better than one right!

Thanks Mom for your patience with me on this project and for asking me to work with you on it!  Love you!

CLICK HERE or on the screenshot below to see the new site!

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 1.19.24 PM

Some ins and outs…

I designed this website primarily in Photoshop.  I based the design off of a number of resources but the most influential was the template we chose to work off of.  Working with templates like this is great because it is easier to customize and change the content.  If you would like a web design that is easily accessible and changed I recommend going with a ProPhoto template, rigging it to your WordPress account, and don’t forget your hosting and domain (I use GoDaddy and they are great!)

Graphic Design | Welcome Packet

I’ve been collecting various marketing components all year.  I started out with temporary solutions in every category until I could put my efforts into creating something unique and personal.

One of my most important pieces in my branding material is my welcome packet and the items I include in that.  It is important because they are all the answers to any questions my clients usually have about a session.  What should we wear?  What props should we bring?  What else do you need from us?

To my wedding clients I sent out a card with my “Style Tips” and “Photographer’s Checklist” postcards and a basic, handwritten greeting card.  To all of my portrait clients I simply email the “Style Tips” PDF to them after they complete the contract and deposit.

To design these post cards I stuck with my design model: simple, natural, and colorful.  To over complicate design makes it harder to read and messy.  I decided I would stick to my two regular fonts for the little variety I wanted, my logo, and my colors.  My natural component is the handwritten card and the envelope.  My card is a natural brown like my disc packaging and the envelope is a stark white to go with my website (it is also the neutral color in my chosen color palette).   And, since I have had my color palette all sorted out for several months now, choosing colors was easy.  I had six choices to work with: stark white, natural brown, yellow-orange, rust red, leafy green, and sea blue.  I always keep the yellow in the mix because that is my main color and then I chose the green because I liked the way that would pair with the yellow and I didn’t use it in my marketing materials yet.

A full blog post of what the whole Wedding Welcome Packet looks like will be coming soon 🙂

Style Tips Photographer Checklist