a Photo a Day | March 31 – April 6

This weeks photos showcase my niece Savannah’s birthday party at Pinstripes, my husband’s birthday festivities in Milwaukee   , and some cute dogs lounging with their sick mama 🙂

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Photo 1:  Me, Joshua, and Sarah at Savannah’s birthday party at Pinstripes!

Photo 2:  I took Joshua to Milwaukee for his birthday.  We stayed at the Intercontinental Milwaukee Hotel and I highly recommend it!  It’s within walking distance of the Third Ward, where we spent most of our time wandering about.

Photo 3: Painting + wine and beer = Splash Studio.  What a terrific idea!

Photo 4:  Enjoyed the world’s best french toast at Cafe Benelux for breakfast!  And fresh squeezed orange juice!  Yum!

Photo 5: Free admission to the Milwaukee Art Museum on the first Thursday of every month!

Photo 6:  This mama bear was sick most of the week but on Friday I was down for the count!  Watched movies and slept all day with my dogs happily snuggling with me the whole time.

Proud Parent of Two Small Dogs

Wednesday Words

I photographed a wedding a few weeks ago that led me to discover a dog park.  Since then, Josh and I have been taking our furry children over there 2+ times a week.  Upon just our second arrival Haley clearly recognized what we were pulling into and started shrieking  in a voice that can only be described as the blend of a hyena laugh and a squeaky toy.

Yesterday was one such celebrated dog park day.  It struck me while I was there, rooting for my furry babies to make friends with the other nice dogs, that these dogs have provided yet another experience that may come in handy if Josh and I ever conjure up children that are within our own species.

Our Haley has always been particular with who she is friends with.  At the start it was due to a fear of other dogs – I suppose she was bullied in the shelter we rescued her from.  And now I suppose it’s a blend of pride and wariness – funny that a dog can have so much pride.  Anyway, she seems particularly hesitant with oversized puppies.  In her defense, puppies have yet to learn boundaries or proper dog etiquette so put that unrestraint in a horse-sized puppy and I have a nervous and persnickety dog on my hands.  There was one such puppy there yesterday and even after Haley snipped at him a few times he still seemed bent on winning her over.  Good for him.

Eventually my furry babies started warming up and started the slow process of learning how to play with dogs bigger than themselves.  I have confidence that they will soon frolic merrily along with all the dogs.  There is one such dog that frequents the park.  She is a husky and she will play with anyone. I turned to Josh after observing this and wished aloud that any children of ours, and maybe even Haley, can be this way some day.

Despite my desire though I am also fully aware that I am no more in control of the way my dog interacts with other dogs than I will be in control of some child.  At the end of the day, all I can do is teach Haley kindness and how to relax and hope that she’ll forget her pride and wariness and play with that over-sized puppy.

A Photo A Day | July 22 – 28

So I am indeed a slacker.  Missed a couple of days.

1 IMG_7227 IMG_7318 IMG_7887

MONDAY face nuzzling morning snuggling 🙂

TUESDAY Carter came to visit at the end of my Book Party and miss Hannah read him a little story (I have written a children’s book and I summoned some close friends over for a reading of it to work out any last minute kinks before I send it out to agents)

WEDNESDAY a newborn session with new little Krueger

FRIDAY Citizen Way at Discovery Church in Elgin, IL

SATURDAY Joanne + Nick are married! (full blog post coming soon)

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A Photo A Day | July 15 – 21


MONDAY  sunrise flowers

TUESDAY bird’s eye Sam

WEDNESDAY sunrise window

THURSDAY dead or alive

FRIDAY celery flower

SATURDAY old home

SUNDAY flower in the rain

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A Photo A Day | July 1 – 7

1Monday 2Tu3W 4Th5F 6Saturday 7Sunday

MONDAY  A 6MO baby photography with William!   (Full blog post coming soon!)

TUESDAY  Babysitting our niece and nephew 🙂

WEDNESDAY Date afternoon with Josh!  Coffee date and checkers 🙂

THURSDAY  Fourth of July Milton Parade!

FRIDAY  Haley hates fireworks so this is her being scared 🙂

SATURDAY  Kelly + Sam = Married!  (Full blog post coming soon)

SUNDAY  Just got these new reusable panty liners.  Less trash and you only have to buy them once!


More from a softball night, babysitting, and parade.


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