a Photo a Day | June 9 – 15

Almost a full Week in Photos!

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Sooooooo I pretty much just photographed puppy lovin’ this week.  They were just so cute and snuggly!  I’ve heard dogs sense when their mama is about to have a baby… turns out my dogs get super sappy and follow me everywhere, particularly Sam.  He actually won’t let me out of his sight 🙂

Photo 1:  Sam’s new favorite snuggle spot is on top of the baby blanket I made.  Glad it’s cozy!

Photo 2:  A little doggie on my shoulder.

Photo 3:  Sleeping cutie!

Photo 4:  Sometimes when he snuggles he gets into very strange positions to do so!

Photo 5:  Father’s Day snuggles with the dogs!

Photo 6:  My avocado seed sprouted the root about a month ago and finally the sprout started poking through!  Looking forward to planting it in a planter soon!

Photo 7:  Haley is also a cute little sleeper 🙂

a Photo a Day | June 2 – 8

Almost a full Week in Photos!

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Photo 1:  We had a poll at our baby shower from a few weeks ago.  Now it’s your turn!

  1. What do you think we’re having?  Boy or girl?
  2. Date prediction (due June 11)?
  3. And how big will baby be?

Photo 2:  Tuesday morning I did devos with a full lap!  Josh, Sam, Haley and baby belly all together 🙂

Photo 3:  Sleeping cutie!

Photo 4:  They smile really big when it’s time to go to the dog park!

Photo 5:  I had a brunch date with this pretty lady!

Photo 6:  Adorable and yummy bridal shower party treat!

a Photo a Day | May 12 – 18

Almost a full Week in Photos!

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Photo 1:  We were given so many great picture books at our baby shower!  Thanks to our generous friends, Baby Calhoun’s library is off to a great start!

Photo 2:  A simple “professional profile” portrait session for BRAVA Magazine.

Photo 3:  Sometimes I like to prop my hand on my belly now-a-days.  Handy little arm rest!

Photo 4:  Mom and I road-tripped it out to Brunswick, Ohio to see Citizen Way play!  I am committed to making at least one performance per tour they are on and since Brunswick was as close as it was gonna get we made it happen!

Photo 5:  Sam was giving some creepy eyes.  He’s funny.

Photo 6:  I love that I have had such a steady increase of boudoir photography work to do!  I did this incredible boudoir shoot at the studio last week!  Can’t wait to work on these images and put together an album for her to give to her lucky husband-to-be!

a Photo a Day | April 7 – 13

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Photo 1:  My 8MO session with Scarlett!

Photo 2:  With the nice weather I opened the windows in the studio… I look over to see Haley trying to get as close to said window without falling off the couch.

Photo 3:  A spread of my photography in BRAVA Magazine‘s April issue!

Photo 4:  BRAVA Magazine gifts all their freelance photographers an ad once a year.  Mine ran in the April issue!

Photo 5: Our house is a busy place with Josh hosting music lessons and me conducting my in-home photography studio.  I made this sign so I can welcome his students into the house without having to drop my work to go answer the doorbell.  I figure this will be particularly necessary when we have a dozing baby!  You wake the baby, you die! Just kidding.

Photo 6:  I also made this palette board map art this weekend.  Since we can’t paint our walls in our apartment I wanted to get the baby’s colors incorporated into our space somehow!

Photo 7:  An attempt at a prego selfie (31 weeks pregnant).  All you folks who have mastered the prego selfie, I don’t know how you do it!  I find it very troublesome standing sideways while holding the camera in a place that won’t block anything and still manage to snap the picture without dropping my phone…

About Arguing and Dogs

I love my dogs.  They are simple, loving little creatures who’s life goals are as follows:  play outside, eat as much food as possible, and love and please their mama and be loved by her.  They also sleep often but sleeping for my two dogs doesn’t seem as much of a goal as it is something they do to pass the time between moments when they can be eating or playing outside or snuggling with me.

Sometimes I talk about them when people talk about their kids.  People talk about their kids a lot and the closest things I have to relate with are my dogs.  Sorry if I ever talk about my dogs around you, I’m just trying to join in on the kid conversation.

Anyway, my dogs teach me a lot.  In fact, they taught me how to argue well.

Sometimes Josh and I argue.  When we do my two dogs act very differently.

When Josh and I argue Haley hides and shivers uncontrollably.  If and when you find her again she’s a hunched over mess peering up at you with Precious Moment’s eyes while convulsing like she’s experiencing hypothermia.  Because of such a reaction, Josh and I started learning to tame our tongues in our arguments.  We noticed that the more tame our volume and tone remained the longer we could keep Haley in the room.  Thus, because of Haley, Josh and I learned how to argue civilly much sooner than we may have without her.

When Josh and I argue Sam follows me around with his tail slightly between his legs and his posture is wholly apologetic.

Haley’s fear of arguments is enough to melt my heart.  However, her approach to getting us to stop the flow of angry words can easily go unnoticed for a while.  But now there’s Sam. Turns out, it’s hard to yell at your spouse when there is an adorable fluff ball at your feet pleading for a chance to console you.

This morning Josh and I had a little spat.  I can’t say it was an argument or even a disagreement, just a moment when both of us felt frustrated in various ways that needed to be discussed.  Shortly into the chat I melted onto the floor, too overwhelmed by emotion to remain standing to cry about it (thank you pregnancy), and the moment I did Sam appeared in my lap.  I actually didn’t notice he’d arrived until I was already petting him and feeling much better already.  They say there is something calming about petting a dog.  Sam must know that and that’s why he chooses to sweetly offer his fluffy self up as a sort of sacrificial lamb in the middle of a heated spat.  Brave little bugger.

I think everyone should love dogs.  They teach me so much about God’s love all the time.  In arguments they both have their ways of encouraging the argument to desist.  Through Haley I can picture how God would need to leave the room when Josh and I spiral out of control and wait in the other room until we were ready to come back into his presence and be loving again – His goodness can’t stick around with such sin storming about.  Through Sam I can also picture how Jesus stays right beside me, offering his love like a warm blanket as I discuss hurt with my husband.

Thank God for dogs.