These Are The Days



Today has been a monumentally rough day.  On top of starting the day worn out and hating that we’re still in winter I’ve had only fussing, crying, and otherwise unkind children romping around the house.  If it’s not one baby crying then it’s the other, if it’s not that its the big kids role playing meanly.  Truthfully, winter turns us all into icicles emotionally.  We’re bristly and unruly.  It’s days like these I desperately long for some real alone time.  Instead, I’m stuck with the baby awake as everyone else sleeps – she’s rolling around on the floor playing nicely at the moment though.

In the middle of my grumpy funk, I sat down to start writing my blog (as I do every Wednesday) and I came across this old draft.  It’s so nice to have a reminder on these hard days that I’m going to miss this terribly.

Those Were The Days

When people comment on families with small children they typically say something like “those were the days.”  That or, “wow you’ve got your hands full.”

These Are The Days

Due to the “those were the days” comments, I find myself abundantly aware that I’m living the best days of my life right now.  It’s tough to explain why I know they’re the best because this season also brings sleepless nights, tantrums, hitting and screaming, the constant wiping of butts and noses, zero alone time, and an endless chain of requests to be met.  But the beauty far outweighs the trials.  I can’t imagine I will ever so fully captivate the hearts of my two daughters, that they could love me more fully and purely than they do right now. I can get hugs from them whenever I want and I hear “I love you” from Maisy so sweetly and freely several times a day.  Their fullest beauty lies in the fact that they are so full of life and joy and purity.

There’s nothing like hearing Maisy tell me stories with her sweet lisp and constant toddler accent, or Penny yelling “yaaaaaay” as she runs to greet me when I come home from a shoot, or the sounds of their sweet voices singing or laughing, or the way Penny grabs my face with both hands pulling me in for kiss after kiss.

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