Good Reads: June 2017

Favorite Authors Right Now

I read at least three books with Maisy every day.  We’ve read and reread every single book on her bookshelf probably at least 50 times each.  Love those books, but I’m so done reading them.  So, for the past several months we’ve been going to the library once every week or so and stocking up on books to read before naps and bedtime.  These are my top reads as of late.

Children’s Books

I love educational books.  I love books with rhythm and rhyme.  I love books that have amazing illustrations.  These two authors have it all!  As a result I’ve been grabbing any of their books off the shelves any time they are there.  I’m extra pleased both authors have, indeed, written several too.  I’d be so sad if there was only one!

Keith Baker

My favorite book of his:  LMNO Peas

images (1)

Jamie Lee Curtis

My favorite book of hers:  Big Words for Little People



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