Life Without a Microwave


Josh and I remodeled our kitchen almost two years ago now.  When we were planning the layout I struggled with the microwave.  Ever the visual artist I couldn’t feel good about making a permanent place for one in my home due to simply just how anesthetically pleasing they are; ever the nutritionalist I couldn’t feel good about making a permanent place for one in my home due to the nutrient zapping and radiation contribution they are known for.  Besides, food from the microwaves just doesn’t taste as good and doesn’t stay hot for more than five seconds!  So, we chose to ditch the microwave completely.  And I’ll tell you what, it was a no brainer switch.


Behold the Bad Microwave

  1. Zap nutrients out of your food
  2. Radiation
  3. Kitchen eye sore


Living Without a Microwave 101

  1. Reheat using the stove.  Yes this dirties another dish but it’s often a faster reheat.  The food stays hot like it should too!
  2. Reheat using the oven.  Do yourself a favor and store any leftover is pyrex, also healthier for you  and better for the environment than storing in plastic.  That way, when you go to reheat you can simply turn your oven on and pop the whole pyrex in!
  3. Tea kettle.  Whenever we have leftover oatmeal I usually reheat with the tea kettle because it naturally dries out a bit in refrigerator storage anyways.
  4. Toaster.  Pop leftover waffles, pancakes, breadsticks, or dinner rolls in the toaster!  You know how when you reheat these items in the microwave they turn tough and bland?  You get the opposite effect when reheating breads in the toaster!
  5. Other reheating alternatives could be a pressure cooker, crock pot… or basically any other kitchen appliance.  I’ve personally never used these but they are options!


Do any of you lovely readers live without a microwave too?  What tips and tricks to you have to share about reheating your food?


2 thoughts on “Life Without a Microwave

  1. We have a microwave, but I hate that it takes up so much room on our counter. I love the way your kitchen looks. Gives me ideas for our own kitchen remodeling project.

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