Side note fun fact:  these few paragraphs I wrote just after the incident described below in the Starbucks drive through, yes the line was that long.


Got to the gym today for the first time in months. I left the baby with daddy, sleeping with a full belly. I loaded Maisy into the car with my yoga mat and water bottle. All seemed in check despite this nagging feeling I was forgetting something. I chalked it up to first time jitters and pulled out of the driveway.

Upon arriving at the Janesville Athletic Club I had me and Maisy checked in with 15 minutes to spare. I set up my yoga mat and stretched while I waited for class to start. Another moment later I got up to introduce myself to the instructor. We shook hands and I proceeded to ask her how to modify my routine due to my sciatica injury.

Moments later we were engaged in our first position for class. As I focused on my breathing my mind wandered as usual and it wandered to my daughter who, to my surprise, happily wandered into the child care area, ready to play. With a jolt I realized I forgot to put her on the potty before we left the house. I got up and out as nonchalantly as I could and headed for the kid zone. One of the workers met me half way explaining she was just coming to get me because Maisy started wetting herself and was crying about it. My heart sunk but thought for sure she’d only peed a little and that I was still in time to salvage the situation. Instead, I found her soaked and in a puddle of her own pee in the kid bathroom.

No one wants to be that mom. I was so thoroughly bummed. On the one hand I felt bad for my hysterical and mortified toddler. On the other I felt bummed and frustrated with myself that my hour of kid free time to focus on repairing my falling apart body was interrupted because of my own forgetfulness.

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