Help Us Name Our Chicks

We have chicks!  These chicks are the cutest, sweetest little buggers.  So happy to have them and excited to enjoy their blue and brown eggs sometime around 5 months from now.  We have an Easter Egger (black) and a Cinnamon Queen (yellow).  The black one immediately became my favorite.  The minute these two arrived home I picked her up, she snuggled in, and promptly fell asleep.  Yellow is my favorite color but how can you compete with a fluffy little snuggler!

I have a fun little challenge for you!  We have two chicks and they’ve been with us for one week as of today and we still don’t have names for them.  Anyone have any awesome ideas?  If your names win I’ll just have to give you some eggs!

Meet, our chicks!


Easter Egger was a proud little poser.


But Cinnamon Queen would not be still unless her buddy was in the picture with her.


And then some of my home chick, of course!


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