Essential Oils for Allergies

chocolatecoveredcarrotsyounglivingallergies(pp_w730_h283) A couple of years ago I said goodbye to my allergy medication.  What did I do?  I eliminated dairy during allergy season (for me that’s pretty much through the summer) and started taking 1 TBSP of raw, local honey a day (I love honey so it’s easy to consume more than that as I’ll have it on toast or in tea but you can also just take a spoonful, a spoonful of sugar right?).  Well that totally took care of the bulk of my issues but occasionally I still get itchy eyes and/or itchy ears on the worst pollen days and when there’s lots of wind.  This spring I started using Young Living essential oils (learn more/get started) and I’m fit as a fiddle!  What do I do?  I start at the top and move my way down the list below, saving taking oils internally for the very worst of days! TOPICAL roller of 4 drops lavender, 4 drops peppermint, and 4 drops lemon with the carrier oils of your choosing…

  • itchy eyes:  I like to apply it on my eye lids and on the bags under my eyes and it feels amazing!  But if that’s too much of a thrill for you, simply apply around your eyes (eyebrows, cheekbones, etc)
  • itchy ears:  apply all around and over your ears (do not put inside your ear)

apply peppermint directly to the back of the neck, sinus, and vitaflex points AROMATIC diffuse 3 drops lavender, 3 drops peppermint, and 3 drops RC  OR 4 drops lavender and 4 drops peppermint if you only have the premium starter kit (still does the trick pretty well, the RC tackles congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose in addition to other allergy symptoms) diffuse 5 – 8 drops of tea tree for itchy eyes diffuse 4 drops purification and 4 drops lemon for cough INTERNAL ingest 1 drop of each peppermint and lavender either in a capsule, in a small shot of water, or in a spoonful of honey. allergy-trio IN THE END, if these don’t work for you I have plenty more ideas and options where these came from!  First step is to GET YOUR KIT, then I will meet with you (near: in person; far: Skype or Google Hangouts) to get you started using them for whatever ails you, and I send you off with a handy dandy handbook and some other awesome materials! Happy allergy season everyone!  May you find some respite with any of these natural remedies 🙂


Essential Oil Guide: FAQ and Getting Started

Buy some oils and/or get the starter kit… [HERE]

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