Poop Everywhere

When it’s meal time at the Calhoun house Maisy gets stripped down, socks and diaper alone remain.  She’s a downright messy eater and we can hardly go around in public with her clothes tie dyed with food stains.  I like to make quick work of the ritual stripping so this usually involves me flinging the shirt off up over her head and then whipping the pants off in turn.  Before I whipped her pants off yesterday I noted a peculiar stain on them that I didn’t recall being there earlier.  I shrugged and whipped anyway.  As the pants flew off so did poop.  That peculiar stain was no stain, that was poop trying to escape the confines of her pants.  I set Maisy and her slimy butt down not knowing what to do.  Then quickly realized the trail of poop on the floor as Maisy started reaching for it – undoubtedly to put it in her mouth.  After cleaning the area surrounding Maisy I chose to clean the poop off my favorite light colored pants even though I was fully aware Sam may or may not snack on baby poop while I did so. Then I went back for the baby and held her at arms length, which she thinks is hysterical, all the way up to the nursery.  I proceeded first with damage control getting the poop smear all the way up her leg cleaned up then went in for the kill.  Yeah, lame kill.  Turns out most of the poop squished out the side rather than planting inside the diaper itself.  For good measure I plopped Maisy in the bath for a little extra scrub and then we were onto meal time.  Upon my return to the dining room however, I realized I still hadn’t cleaned up the rest of the sweet stinking sludge as I found it on the walls (when I say I whip the pants off I mean it) and still all over the floor with the exception of the circle around where Maisy once sat.  I laughed as I cleaned the poop off my walls.  Come on, it’s funny.

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