Senior Portraits Post Cards

This year I made a bold move.  I absolutely love photographing Senior portraits.  So, in an effort to gain more exposure among such folk I printed post cards and sent them out to the list of Juniors at Milton High School provided to me by their lovely secretary.  I love how these cards turned out!  Now I’m just excited to see how many Seniors love them too!

To see more of my promotional materials CLICK HERE.



POST CARD BACKSeniorPostCard_Spring_BACK

2 thoughts on “Senior Portraits Post Cards

  1. As a parent who used Kaia for her daughter’s senior portraits, I will tell you that you will be so pleased with her work ethic, her talent, her attention to detail, her personality, ease of working withher and her understanding how to caputure the essence of her subject! She is fabulous! Youwill only be disappointed if you DON’T use A Sunshine Moment! Thanks, Kaia for your eye for beauty all around you!

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