Surprise Pregnancy Reveal #1

Bemusings of a Baby Life

– Written December 13, 2013 at 14 weeks pregnant.

– Story takes place November 18, 2013 at 10 weeks pregnant.

One of my favorite things about being pregnant is getting to tell people I’m pregnant.  The reactions have been beyond my expectations.

I debated for a long time about how to tell each important person.  At first I thought I should be really creative because that’s what people expect of me.  I’m glad I chose the methodology I did.  I chose the element of surprise.

My first surprise pregnancy bomb drop was delivered to my mom the week before Thanksgiving.

So you know how you have that moment before you cry when you decide whether you are going to let it loose or hold it in?  Pregnant Kaia doesn’t have that filter anymore.  At my part-time job I was on my break when the dam let loose so that tears persistently and aggressively cascaded unceasingly down my face.  I paced back and forth in the break room hyperventilating until my nose needed a good blow.  When I entered the bathroom and saw my face I marveled at my creepy bloodshot eyes and the stream of tears running down my face – I have never seen tears shed to readily and rapidly.  About 15 minutes later I had enough of a grip on myself to get back to my work place and poised to explain my extra long break to my coworker.  I called Julie into the back room and, without warning, the crying started right where it left off, hyperventilation and all.  I choked/blurted out something like, “I’m sorry to have to tell you this way but I’m pregnant and I’m super happy about it, I know you can’t tell right now but I am, we are so excited, but for no apparent reason I started crying and am completely unable to stop.”  She kind of leapt into my arms in excitement then spent a few minutes talking me through maybe why I was crying – though apparently a pregnant woman doesn’t need much, if any, reason.  We decided I was stressed because I so desperately needed to share the news with someone.  My rule though was that my family, particularly my mom, had to be the first to know. So, Julie suggested I take some time to calm down and to call my mom and ask her to come visit.  She left me to my blubbering and after a good long while I got myself mildly under control and dialed my mom.  I with an obvious tremor in my voice I simply asked her to come help me.  She didn’t even bother to ask any questions, but said she was on her way.  A good mom?  Yes.  Also, I’m sure it’s a little concerning to hear your daughter, who never cries, be an obvious wreck over the phone.

She arrived 6 hours later.  I helped her in the door and blurted out, “So guess what?”


“I’m pregnant.”

There was only freakish screaming.  She was the most complete look of surprise I have ever seen.  She screamed and jumped into the air with arms and legs flailing as if she were aggressively creating a snow angel.  Her eyes bulged beyond reason, threatening to pop right out of their sockets, her face was torn between deciding to cascade into tears or break into a face-breaking smile.  Her screams were so loud and utterly unhindered that my dogs started jumping on her and barking at her – I’m not sure if they were worried for her health or telling her to quiet down.  The moment she realized the ruckus she was making she halfheartedly covered her mouth, eyes even wider, and kept screaming into her hand.  After all that hubbub she realized a hug had not yet taken place so she jumped into my arms the right back out to keep screaming some more.  I can’t be sure, but I swear she screamed for a straight five minutes.

This moment, Mom, I will never forget.  Love you!

5 thoughts on “Surprise Pregnancy Reveal #1

  1. This is Kaia’s mother, and her description of this moment is pretty much spot on. I absolutely freaked out in surprise. It takes me 5 1/2 hours to get to her house from mine, which gave me plenty of time to worry. I had no idea what was wrong; never in a million, gabillion years did I expect her to be pregnant! The BEST news ever!!!

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