Our First “Date”

I love that my “Question of the Day” on Facebook sometimes inspires me.  Last week I asked the question, “What was your first date?”

Well, here was mine, and I didn’t even know I was on one.

By the way, this first date was my first date ever, not just with Josh.

Best part about this story is Josh remembers it best.  In fact, I should be asking him for the details because this is going to be a very short story.

I don’t remember what I was wearing or what he was wearing but I do remember that we were dressed up.  I don’t even remember what time of year it was or what sort of little moments we shared that night, only that everything was perfect.

We went to Olive Garden and I ordered Manicotti with white sauce and Josh ordered Alfredo of some kind.  Then we went over to the theater and took our seats for Smart People.  Good movie.

Perhaps the reason I don’t remember this date in great detail because we were, in fact, only friends at the time.  But who were we kidding right?  Only ourselves.

The End.

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