I want to know YOU

Today I was snooping around one of the blogs I occasionally check in on (http://jamiedelaineblog.com/) and it struck me that I would like to be known by those I follow.  That being said, I have a new passion for getting to know my readership.  So, today’s blog will remain short because I want YOU to share a short story about yourself with me (comment below or shoot me an email with your story at asunshinemoment@gmail.com).  This is especially for all of you who follow me closely – although some of you I already know very well 🙂

I have a couple other questions for you wonderful friends of mine…

As a follower of my blog or other blogs or a potential follower of my blog or other blogs, what sort of correspondence with the blogger would put you over the moon?
I personally like it when a blogger responds to a comment I leave on their blog or likes or comments on my own posts.

This one is kind of random, but I have been intending to change my blog URL for quite some time now but can’t seem to settle on what I want.  Which URL do you think would be best and why?

  1. blog.asunshinemoment.com (or something like it… from what I understand this draws better and more attention to my business as well)
  2. kaiacalhounblog.com (or something like it)
  3. Do you have any better ideas?

Again, make yourself known by me today!  I would love to be friends 🙂

3 thoughts on “I want to know YOU

  1. asunshineblog.com

    I think I like the last one best. Little glimpses into moments of your life. But still tied to the branding of your business.

  2. Hey!!

    I dont think I have ever had an actual conversation with you (besides the usual Judson hello) but I do read your blog on a regular basis. Mainly because I love the way you tell stories but also because I think you are very inspiring by being so vulnerable and real.

    So thank you for this blog 🙂 and all the amazing pictures you take.



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