Fun Facts

Wednesday Words

I held a 200th Blog Post Giveaway just recently and got some remarkable fun facts as a result. Thanks friends for all the fun reading! These are five of my favorites 🙂

“Ants stretch when they wake up I the morning.” (from Christie)

“Termites will eat wood two times faster when listening to heavy metal.” (from Micayla)

“If you only need to use half an onion, use the top half. The half with the roots will stay fresher longer.” (from Micayla)

“It’s illegal to carry ice cream in your back pocket in Kentucky, because they have a law that states, “If it follows you home, it’s yours.” People used to put ice cream in their back pockets to lure certain animals out of other peoples’ yards and cause them to follow them home instead.” (from Micayla)

“Music is the fourth most wanted material item in the world!” (from Aaron)

Happy Wednesday Folks!

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