Musings of a Musician’s Wife: a hint to keeping a cooler house when AC is absent

Some of you faithful readers read my story about living in a home with only three windows that open and no air conditioning.  Well, I finally convinced my husband to buy me a box fan to prop in one of those windows (thank you Jess and Trey for visiting and prompting this purchase!)  To all you wives, moms, college students, or any other category of person that might find themself in a hot sticky summer with out air conditioning here is my solution for you.

  1. Get yourself a box fan… or two.
  2. Prop the fan in a north facing window
  3. Run it on high all day and night
  4. Close the other windows and their blindes during the day, especially the south facing windows
  5. Breath in the cool air and say “ahhhhhhhh that feels good.”

On a side, but very important note, I had a follow up appointment for my breasts today and all I had going on was too much breast tissue partying in the wrong place and too close together. They have since disbursed and I am just fine.

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