Musings of a Musician’s Wife: blogging for a good story.

Good blogging requires an act of self revelation that is well beyond my comfort zone.  I’ve made a pact with myself to divulge the truth and the most interesting aspects of the truth in my life, I’ve found, are some of my deepest, most private moments.  I’ve been thinking on this since I’ve started sharing with this blogging world.  But I also have to remember that many other brave souls have gone before me.

I love a good story.  I love, even more, taking a role in a good story.  

Yesterday Josh and I ventured up to Milton for a short vacation together after such a length apart.  We are here for just a day, but it is lovely.  Mom and Dad Calhoun requested we drive the truck up so we could help them move some things today so Josh, the dogs, and I all clambered in yesterday evening.  Approximately ten minutes later Haley did a juicy toot right on my leg that left a residue and a gigantic lingering stench.  Right after she did her dirty she craned her neck to smell her mess and Sam followed as soon as he caught wind – oh the joys of dog ownership.

2 thoughts on “Musings of a Musician’s Wife: blogging for a good story.

  1. I found it easiest to share my deepest most private moments with strangers first. Then slowly I started letting one familiar person at a time into it. There’s wisdom in discretion, and yet as I’ve heard time and again, our stories are powerful.

    I, too, love a good story.

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